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Hall85 with speed 92 + activated synergy BU and S, is slower than an SHL player? well, is still EA? sorry, with you the reality has rushed by.
"Lord, throw brains out of the sky or stones, the main thing is that you hit


  • Depends on the SHL player & difficultly setting. Hall’s 85 base card has 72 endurance which is really bad.

    If you have burner/speed cards with horrible endurance, they won’t skate nearly as fast as those stats show.
  • thanks for the info, but which players are good for playing?
  • dustmann wrote: »
    thanks for the info, but which players are good for playing?

    It depends on your play style.

    I tend to focus on 3 stats primarily over any others. Balance (85+), Endurance(83+) & Puck Control(87+).

    If a card doesn’t have stats at those minimums or higher, I usually don’t use it. The only exceptions are 4th liners that help unlock a synergy. International POTG LW Jason Robertson is a perfect example (2CS, 2CP).

    Like I said it depends on your playing style. I look at those particular stats when making lines because it works with how I play.
  • i'm a below average player and have trouble with deeks and puck control so my lineup is focused on aggression, Old Time Hockey, eh

    since i'm an oldtimer myself, i play mostly with Alumni or Legend cards and TB, BE, HT, NP, CS and PP are my active synergies, NP the most recent after adding Clarke and my deflection goals have really spiked since then too.

    i've tried the BU and S and i get killed because i can't maximize their benefits. i also had a broken controller then and got a new one for the holidays so i may try those synergies again but only if i can earn Mikita and build another Legend or 2 with BU & S.
  • dustmann
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    hallo canadianshield

    Thank you for your useful information regarding synergy.
    I have exchanged many players who have too low stamina. It's hard to get good players with high stamina, unless you pay a lot of coins.

    I really enjoyed the first game after the conversion, despite the fact that I lost it in overtime.

    In another game (Offline), the CPU player wchatcasted, so I lost the game..

    CPU player strikes again through the legs of my player and thus gets the puck, which meant that I got a goal

    [Video removed - Do not swear]
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  • dustmann
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    which annoys me even more when my player loses the puck that another player of the "GamePlay" is activated, but who has nothing to do with the gameplay, even though the player who lost the puck would be much closer to the puck.

    [Video removed - Do not swear]

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