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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

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Gift of giving ...



  • Dixonyu wrote: »
    The worst is not letting us know about twitter give aways, did you know they gave away whole totw's before , many evos, legends... Etc .

    I did know, because i use social media. I find myself having fragments of free time at work where i get to flip through Twitter & Reddit, while im quite active on Facebook throughout the day to find out info about the game, giveaways and upcoming events that alot of members put up, that they hear through the "Grapevine".

    Seriously... create a twitter account or go on reddit once every day or two and flip through, u'll be able to find ample amounts of information through there that is either posted directly from EA/NHL or from members who have the inside scoop on certain tid-bits of info.
    Plus on Reddit I find to have a pretty positive vibe on there, alot of members are willing to help each other out.
  • cowen604
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    Dixonyu wrote: »
    cowen604 wrote: »
    Remember you're talking about EA here... do you think they will take the time to update the news feed. I agree with you, it should be the place to look. They can't even let us know when the simplest of things will be released. EG; Gift of giving rewards. Not like it matters, every single person is going to receive the same gift or some variation of it...which in the short and long run....really not change a single thing :)

    The worst is not letting us know about twitter give aways, did you know they gave away whole totw's before , many evos, legends... Etc .

    yep. i really feel like i'm getting screwed as a consumer because none of this is ever put on the websites. i check these 2 links every weekday and not one post about the #19DaysofHUTmas.


    https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-19/news (no new post since Dec 13)

    https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-19/hockey-ultimate-team/news (really only ToW posts and not much else)

    i can understand the little EA presence on these boards (not really but i try) but to not update those links is a crime. at the very least they should be imbedding the tweets and links to other sources they provide information.

    EA's customer experience is on the level of Comcast. i've actually had better service from Comcast than i've ever had from EA.

    Remember you're dealing with Electronic Arts here. This company had a revenue of over 5 BILLION last year, they don't care about customer service. They have a couple people who reply to the odd question...tell everyone everything will be alright.

    They will continue to produce the same game year after year, change a thing or two like adding a new auction house or changing the way hitting occurs... whoopdeee doo.
    To be honest I don't blame them.. why try to build the game from scratch, when it works so well....as income to EA.

    Until people stop buying packs, the game will never change. Just too many kids with mommy and daddies Credit card, too many silly people dropping loads of cash on these fake cards...that truthfully don't make it any easier to win due to Ice Tilt.

    I have a 2nd account, with all Gold Rares with a record twice as good as my team with all my monthly legends and synergies setup.

    Eitherway, EA doesn't care -- they will gladly take your money, regurgitate the same game year-after-year and continue until something has to approve, only because competition will force them to.

  • I guess I should take my questions to Reddit as it gets more attention than here ...
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