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Update on the Pause Glitch

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Hey everyone,

Prior to the holiday break, we became aware of a game exploit, known among the community as the “Pause Glitch”. Use of this exploit is in violation of EA User Agreement and rules. We have been working throughout the holiday break to identify the cause of the exploit and come up with a solution for it. Below is a full update on the situation and we will be communicating more details as they become available.

What is the “Pause Glitch”?
In order to not encourage more players to use this exploit, we will refrain from explaining the nature of the exploit, and we ask that if you know about the exploit that you do not take advantage of it.

When Will It Be Solved?
We have identified the cause of the exploit and are aiming to have solved next week. We will update you as soon as they are being deployed.

What Is Being Done Until Then?
As we are work on testing and implementing the solve, we will continue to identify players abusing the exploit and take the appropriate action for any violation of the EA User Agreement. In addition, we will be delaying the release of the next event’s Competitive Seasons until we have the solve implemented. We understand that the delay may be disappointing to some players and apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as we’re able to verify that we’ve solved the issue, we will resume Competitive Seasons.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work towards solving this as quickly as we possibly can. Your continued feedback allows us to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to return online play to its intended state.

- The EA SPORTS NHL team
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