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Is anyone else tired of Glitchers in Hut online?

Hut is unplayable online all guys do is skate over the blueline and ride the left stick hard and they are uncheckable. When you stick you stick out, they skate over it and it's a penalty. Zero fun, their killing their number 1 money maker and are apparently to stupid to realize it.


  • Yes absolutely
  • HS182
    51 posts Member
    It´s right. Somebody posted already in another Topic, that pressing x and covering the puck is like "God-mode"!
  • Pressing x really isn't the problem, that also lowers the players maneuverability and speed so much that boxing them out is no problem.

    It's those individuals that are really fond of, and adapt at, constantly gliding around with the stick all the way out at an extreme position until they can shoot short side or pass cross crease that really breaks with any notion of realism. While holding the puck out out like that they are all but impossible to bump or poke check, and they are still very agile. They can easily accelerate or pivot away from you if you become to aggressive, which is of course just what they want you to do.

    It's basically like that Nyquist goal from a couple of seasons back where he went around the O-zone twice with the puck on his stick all the time - only these people do it all game. There's a reason that goal was one of the highlights of the year - it almost never happens because it's really, really hard to do.
  • They should implement a way to lose pucks if you play around too long with the puck. Depending of the skills of the cards, he can maneuver longer.
  • They just need to make the puck not stick to the stick. in "real hockey" you need to constantly manipulate the puck to keep control. In NHL once you have it no matter what you do it sticks to your stick #losethesticky
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