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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

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Let's change the gameplay slider... Finally...

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edited January 2019
Let's get this slider off competitive and onto full sim finally ...

We are playing a hockey sim, not a competitive game mode that makes the game feel competitive by handicapping the player with more skill ... We need hardcore full sim, as we are playing realistic hockey ...

We have 1's and arcade 3's to accommodate those who want the Wayne gretzkey 3d hockey experience.

Let's cater to us that want a full sim hockey game ...

Seriously though devs why the competitive slider ?!? Do you not want a skill gap in your game ?


  • I bet making the game full sim will solve alot of issues ...
  • just because they call it full sim doesn't mean its anything close to real hockey, for that to be true the ea devs would have to actually know hockey. I play be a pro on edmonton full sim and mcdavid loses the puck 80% of the time he tries a deke even when nobody interferes with him, the only way full sim can be thought of as realistic would be if all nhl players were replaced with people from the lowest level beer league in north america.
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