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Error code on Hut

Every time I go to buy anything in HUT through the auctions with coins I get the error code pictured. I have tried resetting everything and this has been going on since last night.cjcyyufkdsqj.jpg


  • It kicks me out to the main screen every time I click buy now
  • Socair
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    You’re gonna have to go to EA help and open a ticket with them. Say you may have a negative escrow issue or that you’ve been caught in the bot filter (tried to look many purchases too quickly). Those are two common causes.
  • Still getting it, the only thing I can buy now is gold collectibles.
  • I reported it, hopefully they take care of it.
  • aldric18
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    edited February 2019
    If you have the problem again you have a negative escrow on your hut account. Report it to EA at EA Help. However, if they just close your case out leaving the problem you have call corporate, 0 for operator, tell her the problem and she connects. The only public customer support telephone number is shut down. Call [Phone number removed] until they publish a working customer service/tech support number (seriously, a company your size and you have a closed tech support hotline listed and you have to call corporate just to get connected?)
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  • EA_Roger
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    @aldric18 , I've removed the phone number above as it's not for our support. To get in touch with our support you need to go through this site: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/

    This links a case to your EA account directly, allows us to keep track of your case progress and assess any account issues. On top of this you have several contact options, such chat or click to call (we call you directly).
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