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Realistic fighting please

For the love of god please the fighting in ‘20. If you’re going to try to make the game realistic it should be impossible for an enforcer to lose to anything other than an enforcer.

Not sure why you think it’s possible a sniper or a playmaker could ever beat an enforcer. It’s laughable that you think a sniper could dodge an enforcer like the enf wouldn’t just yank him back. The worst is that you think a tiny skater is going to be able to hold down an enf and the enf could t get out of it.

I know you made it like that so small guys can fight too. But in reality, if realistic is what you’re going for, a sniper or playmaker would never fight an enforcer. So it shouldn’t be possible for them to beat one


  • I couldn't care less about a sniper knocking out an enforcer, just fix the damn input response; tired of allowing free shots when I clearly dodged at the right time.
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