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Xmas present who did you pick?

I went with Landeskog (86) & Fowler (91).

I was tempted to pick Bobrovsky due to him having both BU & TB ( my end game synergy combo) but Fowler really solidifes my D big time.

Who did ya’ll pick and why?


  • I took Webber and sutter Webber to replace dumolin 78 with 91 and both had burner. Sutter cause I’m stupid. Lol
  • Don’t need him and can’t trade him
  • Fowler and Price
  • monz
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    I picked suter and fowler, but recieved a landeskog and fowler. What is wrong with this game?? This happen to anyone else??
  • Price and Duchene, that allowed me to sell 89totw McDavid and pick up 90totw Karlson
  • Weber & Suter
  • Weber & Suter here too... I needed defense most of all. Bobrovsky was tempting.
  • Suter & Fowler.
  • i haven't opened them yet but it looks like Price and Bobrovsky for me. 3 TBs, 2BRs and a BU

    going to allow me to move out at least 3 skaters and add 1 team and maybe an individual synergy or 2.

    Moog to the bench and maybe the Gold Collectable set since it can't be upgraded or traded.
  • I picked suter and fowler
  • Weber & Suter as well -- glad im not the only one. Duchene was tempting, but my fowards were pretty set.
    I have a second account where I play mostly offline challenges to build up extra coins and i picked up Kane....insanely fast.
  • Suter and Duchene. Wanted someone similiar to McDavid and then Suter because he's another LD even though his shot is not that great.
  • Granlund and Kane. Granlund is barely hanging on to a 4th line spot, I'm using Kane on RD. I feel his size, strength and reach make him better than Duchene for a d-man. P.S. I woulda taken weber but don't need any more righties.
  • I've heard that a few other people had an issue like me when picking the players, I selected Suter with no issues, but the 2nd round it got stuck while I was viewing the player info / stats of Bobrovsky when I was wanting to pick Weber or even Duchene!
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  • Don't remember which 86 - a forward who will get into a set at some point - and Wheeler to go on my D
  • Suter & Weber.

    I picked Suter because I needed a LD but didn’t know the next round was going to offer a 91. I don’t think I’ll use Suter, even though my lowest D is an 85, but it wasn’t much of a loss even if I had picked someone else.
  • Ziatsiev and Kane.
    So far I'm happy. Kane is fast, shoots hard, and hits like a truck.

    Ziatsiev is fairly mobile
  • My screen locked up while inspecting Bobrovsky, I didn't select anyone in the 2nd round yet it picked Bobrovsky for me! I wanted to get Wheeler for the extra CP!
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  • i finally made my picks and i went Price and Wheeler. i thought hard about it but my team is a bunch of hitters and crowd the net types and i just like Blake Wheeler so i took him even though he unlocks no synergies.

    i did play Price in net this weekend and really got that new player bump. i also had another International G with 2 TBs to play as a backup and able to move some skaters out for more NPs and HTs and about ready to to open Bruiser.
  • Wow once again I couldn’t figure out how people got Christmas GIFs you know what I got from you nothing I didn’t put any choices NHL PA 93 and I didn’t get one Christmas gift I’ve supported the E a sports franchise and did not get what you guys Wow that seems real fair year somebody who supports you from the day that you made the company and once again I get the short end of the stick but ea no wonder why am playing retro gaming NHL face of 98 in NHL face of 2001 and NHL 99 at any NHL 98 on the PS one is because this is the kind of respect that I get from you no respect for supporting their company since I was a kid I even have a Sega Saturn and a Sega Genesis and I have NHL PA 93 through the da NHL 98 on the PS one is because this is the kind of respect that I get from you no respect for supporting their company since I was a kid I even have a Sega Saturn and a Sega Genesis and I have NHL PA 93 from the day that ea sports And you get Christmas cards and I get nothing for being a supporter of year since the day that ea has is been around
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