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Dedicated Servers Are Coming To HUT 19

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Hey everyone,

Starting Tuesday, January 8th at 5 AM EST, NHL 19 will be switching to dedicated servers for all HUT games.

Read below to find out more about why we are changing to dedicated servers and how it will impact your experience.

What Type of Connection Did HUT Games Used to Use?

Previously, HUT 1v1 games were based on peer-to-peer connections. Peer-to-peer games depend on the quality of connection between you and your opponent, which can be vastly different from game to game for a variety of reasons.

Why Are You Switching to Dedicated Servers in HUT?

We are switching to dedicated servers in HUT because they are a proven technology that provide an increased level of consistency and security to your playing experience.

Dedicated servers will also help solve for an exploit known in the community as the “Pause Glitch”.

How Do Dedicate Servers Improve My Experience?

With dedicated servers, your opponent’s connection quality has no effect on your gameplay experience. The only thing that matters is the quality of your connection to the server, which will make your gameplay experience more consistent. Additionally, dedicated servers will improve the security of your connection when playing games.

Do Dedicated Servers Exist in Other NHL 19 Modes?

Yes! Dedicated servers are already in use throughout NHL 19 for playing any game with 3 or more human players, such as HUT co-op games and World of Chel games.

Thank you for your patience as we worked towards creating a solution for the Pause Glitch.



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