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Do the elite players put all their players on their off wing?

Pretty much says it all in the title. What do you do ?


  • @NHLDev what do you do?
  • And what settings?
  • Do you mean put all their best players on their off wing - in which case no. Most people have a preference for either right handers on the left wing and vice versa; or normal (right handers on right wing etc.) and then they just put their best cards on the first line, so on and so forth.
  • i'm far from an elite player but i don't. i do set my D on their off point for the one timer off the offensive zone faceoff but not the FWDs. when the AI is on their off wing they aren't in position it receive a pass and they allow the puck to go through them more times than not and i lose a scoring chance.

    i will carry the puck into the zone on my the off wing to attempt a Savardian-spin-o-rama into the slot to shot against the grain.
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