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I hear this talked about a lot...and have it done to me alot.
What is it? How do they do it?
No i dont wanna do it, just curious.


  • Kristek91
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    Id tell You but i wont just so new ppl wont try to cheat that way. There are few top players doing it. Everything is fine and when that guy is going for clinch or sub lags are insane. Thats why connection quality should be visable for both players.
  • ool_KING_loo
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    They are on wifi most of the time. Some use lag switch on hard wire as well you tube is a gold mine for information on this subject same as Reddit. They also use apps and they are literally undetectable just looks normal a specially when you just do it fast, for like strike exchanges, when going for take downs or clinches, transitions submissions. then they force packet overloads its like a bunch of data forced on your connection. Dont forget the Wifi Speed hacking another thing mostly seen in racing games. this being a 1 on 1 and speed based on striking only makes sense why sometimes I fight some people and my combos are like in slow motion and my transitions take 2 hours to pull off or get reversed. yet they seem to be throwing combos very fast and fine and have 20 points lower then me in speed with 23 chemistry and no perks. Only makes sense to include speed hacking because I kinda tested it. this 1 guy was beating me to the punch everytime then I stepped back stopped reset and threw a 3 piece combo it was so slow. I had to test it with A kick so I ended the 3 piece with a body kick to his liver It was like I was out of stamina with a full health bar. I was like this isn't right lost that fight searched same division first thing I did throw a 3 piece combo perfect no lag added the kick perfect combo fight my opponent KO with in 3 minutes. 1 more thing Ip address mod programs on the computer they rip your Ip address and Ddos your connection and you get the loss because they forced your Ip to swallow a virus and well you lose because there connection is fine yours got the virus. A bunch of no lifes that want recognition for cheating is how I see the leader boards and EA just reward them unstead of ban them. ultimate team is so bad you fight all lvl 4 and 5 fighters I've had the game since launch and still have yet to get 1 its like they know im so good I dont need 1 they just keep giving me 2 stars and 3 stars and the cheaters get everything in the game almost every top 100 fighter lags. I wonder why pretty scetchy if ya ask me. half the time I dont think its the game at all the game seems perfectly fine until someone tampers with it.they really need to crack down on this and fix it because half the ufc community left because of cheaters its been happening since undisputed tho so its not just ea. just wish some one would ban the people that actually have no other way of winning accept by cheating or Ddosing and spamming. I thought if anybody can stop it it would maybe EA just like in EA MMA. but I guess I was wrong. in the beginning I was all for this game and being under ea's umbrella would have been my first go to game but now its just like what else do I have dont really want to play cheaters. Now when I play if I come across some scetchy fight ill try to beat them even tho I cant but it just gets old. its like you cant hit them and you get hit 3 times as hard pointless I like going down to real fighters in divisions 3 and 4. 5 and 6 are clowns after you beat them they go get a lower account to beat you by cheating a bunch of nerds call me paranoid but really think about it all and look at racing games and speed hacking its real bro. I did it 1 time 6 years ago gears of war used to bridge host, got banned for 2 weeks threw my lagswitch in the trash its not worth it plus I dont want to be labeled as a fake or a phony gamer been legit ever since but how they get away with it beats me. I just call them phony now so if I lose to them in reality I beat them already because they had to cheat in order to win yeah I might get a lose on my record but they even know deep down They were losing they cant handle a loss its called salty lagswitch rage. Hope this atleast helps thanks for the vent post man this needed to happen.
  • Thanks for all the info! Im not a competetive gamer. Im usually between 1100 and 1280. My record is usually something like 65 w 60 l's every season. We get spammers in div 3 and 4, but for the most part its fun, but only if you mute the chat.
    Cheaters only lie to themselves, and don't get better. I feel like i improve every season, and approach each fight the same way.... Find openings and mix it up.
    I would be curious to know opinions on how i play from some of the posters on here.
    Thanks again! Vent away!!
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