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Live Player Ratings

I think a huge addition to the game, especially for online vs, is having live and more fluid player ratings.

Ratings should change on a more consistent basis as players are going through hot or cold streaks. For example, if a player is tearing it up in real life then bump their rating in the game or vice versa if they are cold.

I’ve played fifa in the past and know they had a system like this in their game.

I think this would make people try playing with other teams rather than the usual juggernauts such as the Lightning, Pens, Sharks etc.

I feel the roster updates are not frequent enough and that changing ratings weekly or bi-weekly would be a nice addition.


  • This is the sense for a Trainer or GM in reality too. To develop players from Youth till retirement. So Franchise offline mode for me personaly the only real mode in the game. No sense to play with fixed ratings or cards.
  • I'd love to know how you're 99 Gretzky or Mario would evolve through the NHL19 season....
  • Froommey
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    edited January 2019
    If I would be a developer, I would add Legends hide in future drafts. So it would be possible to draft such players with age of 17, develop and try to win with them again a Stanley Cup. Or to start a Franchise with past Rosters from past years. This is what makes sense. ;-)
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