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A simple HUT request

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I haven't seen this mentioned, but why are teams allowed to start 16 centers on their HUT team? If you are rolling out Austen Mathews and Luc Robitaille as your 1st defense pairing..? Seriously, if you start a forward at defense, you should lose 10 points instantly off their overall rating.

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  • Why? NHL teams can put any player where they want why can't you in HUT?
  • j0rtsu67
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    Jetset95 wrote: »
    Why? NHL teams can put any player where they want why can't you in HUT?
    Sure they can but do they...?

    How many times you've seen NHL team starting a game with 5 forwards on the ice?

    And I guess they also have quite a "strict" roles for their players too, NHL teams rarely have 16 centers on their playing roster...

    So even if it's possible, it's far from something that would ever happen so bad reference imo.
  • If you're NHL strategy was all shots from the blue line - you'd but your best slap shots and long shooters there, D man or forward. If you had an anonymous benefactor - and unlimited access to every single NHL player then of course you'd pick the best ones to match your vision - that may be 12 centres because that's the rules of the game - oh damn, did EA forget to mention that NHL 19 was a game???
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    from my experience FWDs on the blueline will be caught out of position and take a lot of penalties. their endurance is usually lower than a D and can be passed on the outside when they skate backwards and trip due to low stick checking ratings.

    there can be a ton of benefits if they are allowed to move into the slot but can usually be bumped off the puck and turn it over for breakouts the other way.

    i have 1 FWD on each of my PPD units for one timers from the faceoff.

    in regards to all the Cs in the game....well, most FWDs happen to be centers. that is usually where they best player plays and when they move up into the NHL they need to move to the wings. i only play Playmakers at C and any other player type on the wing. i bounce from 2 to 4 Cs on the wings based on what synergies i'm using at the time.
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  • Okay, I'm not salty about having centers playing other forward slots. Nor having a forward on the PP. THAT'S legitimate hockey. Team Canada pretty much has 3 centers on lines. But playing 1 or no defensemen. It's not real. Doesn't matter which team or what pool of talent they are pulling from. Could I stack my squad with 95+ speed on the backline, sure. But it's not realistic, and I'm not a hack that glitches and plays $%$/#^. At the very least, EA needs to disengage Synergies when you load up with forwards. At the very least.
  • This whole game is a joke.
  • There’s so many legend freebies that it’s almost better to shove a 93 center on defense than shell out 500,000 pucks for a 91 defenseman.

    The game isn’t broke, but people have absolutely stacked teams abd just shove free legends wherever their weakest link lies.
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