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The purpose here is not to bash the game but instead, assist in figuring out some gameplay/animation issues that cause for frustration to the players of your game.

Issue: First of all, there is a certain sloppiness in the NHL that is not represented in your game. I know that some people will hate it, but that's what arcade-sim is for. Puck bounces are huge in real life and sometimes lead to scoring chances or lucky bounces that don't go in your net.

Fix: I think if you guys were to add a little more bounce to the pucks and lesson the elasticity of the puck, you could recreate some of the type of bounces we see in the NHL.

Issue: Goalies are still using some animations that you wouldn't see in todays NHL. One of the animations is where the goalie goes into the full splits. The animation looks bad and could use some reanimation. In fact other than some of the recently added VH/Reverse VH and T push animations, there should be a revamp in goalie animations.

Fix: The solution would probably be to stick to Hybrid as Brodeur was one of the last in the NHL to use Stand Up. Most goalies in the NHL utilize butterfly and or what you guys would consider Hybrid. Fleury is one of those due to his flexibility and athleticism. I would say if you can get a goalie in there to reanimate the goalies, this would help make the game aesthetically but also in the gameplay because they do not have the animations to stop some of the shots in game. Also, after goal animations really need a revamp and could use some goalie specific animations like Holtby drinking water or fleury skating to the corner, or have them look skyward in disbelief. This would help the game feel fresh.

Issue: Teams not playing to their strategies. A lot of teams are on the wrong strategies in game and on top of that, the game feels like every team has the same motive. In the NHL Vegas is fast and their breakout is one of the best in the league whereas a team like Anaheim plays dump and chase and utilizes down low in the offensive zone to create their chances.

Fix: This one is a little more simple, team strategies in game need to be updated and some programming of the players to play like each team does in real life.

Issue: Crowd. This one is more along the lines of presentation but the crowd is non existent in this game or at least they aren't as audible when they should be.

Fix: New crowd recordings would help and adding the swells as well as the boos. This could also be turned up even higher in the playoffs.

Issue: Goaltender equipment. Goalie gear in the game is a bit dated, Ex. Jonas Hillers Koho's, some of the older Brians and Vaughn pads, and also Warrior pads.

Fix: I would just like the option to add some sort of logo on top of existing pads in exchange for getting rid of older pads in the game. A lot of goalies in the NHL use custom designs and would like to replicate that in game. The solution would be less pads but more customization for current gear being used in real life.

Issue: Jersey colors, I've noticed how some jerseys don't have their true color like in real life. Vegas's jersey is a lot darker in real life, as well as some of these other teams like San Jose.

Fix: I heard that the NBA team scanned all their equipment and jerseys into their game, maybe this can be done in NHL? I feel like this would help get the material and color correct for all the teams.

These are my observations but since this is a forum, feel free to add on to what I have. I feel the devs kind of cater more to the HUT community which I still haven't gotten into due to my lack of knowledge of what HUT really is, or what's so great about it? I think EA should go the Legends season mode route where you can play as actual teams of the past but include the old arenas and equipment. Anyways, thanks for reading this dev team and hope there's a lot of new stuff being implemented into NHL 20.


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  • They aren't exactly known for adding QoL improvements but you have a great list going here - I'd be happy to see even half this stuff
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