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Sticks / pucks through legs / pads

Still an issue.
Specific instance: Puck in front of defense, offense behind on inside. Puts his stick through both legs of defense and controls the Puck as his stick goes back through the legs.

Goalies: pucks have went through my pads numerous times.
Sticks have went through my pads to push the Puck in.
Sticks have went through the net from behind / side to push Puck in.

Please get some way to stop this. So annoying to have a save, only to see it travel through or get pushed.
Defense and other frustrated sticks can go through them to get the Puck without tripping them.

Thank you.


  • Axel_Owretchsin
    296 posts Member
    edited January 2019
    I actually lost the Stanley Cup on a puck just..going through goalie's pads in butterfly, last year. They don't care. This is their bottom rung, supplementary income game. They won't even fix something as huge as their lie about Legends being in offline modes. They're slime, plain and simple.
  • Kinda same, had one be the game winning goal in 6v6, not that I shouldn't have let the other in mind you.
    The one where the guys stick went from the side of net to the front, tapped the Puck in, then his stick went back through the net is the one that irked me the most.
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