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RW/C Looking to Build Competitive Club (LONG READ) (East Coast)

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Good morning/afternoon/evening; whenever you may be reading this. I am a longtime NHL player looking to form what I would like to become a competitive club. I have division I experience, 6s experience, and have run a few successful clubs in the past, as well as having played (no management type positions) on a few solid clubs during my time on Xbox One. Before you read any further, I want to stress that it is just myself. If you’re interested in trying to build this from scratch, continue on below.

A little about me, I am 24 years old on the East Coast. My work schedule allows for me to have a good amount of free time and with some of that free time, I enjoy playing NHL. I used to be a hardcore 8pm – 2/3 am player. This, of course, being back in my high school days. While those times are more than likely over (consistently. I don’t mind staying up that late every so often), I still would like to get back into it, on the ‘hardcore’ side. Just to explain ‘hardcore’ a bit…. Meaning that I want NHL to be my go-to game once again. I haven’t really had much of a reason for it to be.

About my playing style: I like to play a skilled game. A lot of cycling, passing to the points, quick passing when it can be done. I definitely utilize the quick pass a lot, and would love to find teammates who do the same (obviously when it’s necessary). I feel a quick up-tempo style offense with a lot of puck movement is a key to being successful at NHL. Defensively, the basics. Get back, don’t get caught too much, and help the defense out. Support each other. I’d also like to add that I do not play anything less than 4’s once we get something established. I know starting out, that will be difficult. I can live with it to start, but overall I can’t take the computer elements on the ice. They’re too inconsistent, and frustrating.

What I’m looking for: I am looking for players who can play the style of (virtual) hockey I explained above. Now, I know the title says that I’m looking for all players, and while I’d love to come onto the forums, and build exactly what I’m looking for, I know that, for the most part, it’s pretty unrealistic to find all your players on this site. Because of this, I’m looking for my right hand man and someone who shares the vision to build a competitive club. If I do find that person, I will update this post. And if you were wondering, seeing I don’t play anything less than 5’s, I’d like to build chemistry using Drop-In. I don’t really want to go into a club game never having played with someone. It’s a recipe for disaster.

So, if you are interested in what I’m trying to build, you can contact me via Private Message. I ask that your message contains the following: Position, Experience with NHL, and what YOU are looking for in a club If this does get off the ground.

Created a club called “Relentless”. Right now, reserving the name. If we come together on something different, I’m open. I want a club that we all enjoy. Colors and such worked out after.

Thank you for the read, and for showing potential interest. I look forward to hitting the ice!
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  • Updating. I currently have found a defenseman/forward (he will play whatever is open) that is on board with this. We've been playing for a bit and have good chemistry.

    Just realizing now that my email that I could be reached at was removed because its deemed as "personal information" (lol.....). I have edited the post above, but will just add here... If you are interested please contact via PM on this site. If you wish to discuss anything via email, I'd be happy to go there (i know it can be easier to email).
  • Hey man, your story sounds almost identical to mine. I used to run/help run clubs since 09 but once college hit and nhl 15 hit the game died overall for me.

    I still play consistently with a few friends from the 6s days, but now we just play 3s for fun since we do not have enough people and can't seem to all get on at the same time consistently. Overall, I may have about 4 players that I can combine with you to get a good start on a club (2 for sure that play a lot). I am not looking to run the club, but can be a GM as well as my buddy Nick.

    My gamertag is Itchycub2002074. Message me on xbox and lets chat.
  • Hey man long time player (09) on the east coast. Regularly play G and D any side. Send me a message on Xbox if you still need players

    gt: SMD2911
  • hellerud
    2 posts New member
    Gt: Hellerud
    Goalie or forward
    30 central time play nights.
    I want to win but have fun doing it. Sick of drop ins where no one cares
  • Same thing. I’ve been playing EASHL since NHL 12. Cycle quick pass one T. All the good stuff support on D as wel. I play RW and I average about 3 points a game. Always looking to run games with some good players and get that cycle going! My GT is XxMrSnipez91xX
  • If you're still looking for people I play all the time you can add my gamer tag Venth1318. primarily a D player
  • Played LG and league club from NHL 13-15 been playing NHL for a while now and got out the competitive scene but i still always love winning and wouldn't mind to join a somewhat serious club. I average 4.7 Points a game and i only play forward but i can play anywhere as a forward preferably a winger.My gamertag is I Joey Costa I lmk
  • Message elephantrider30, d8 club. Just started it.
  • Gt- The White Gift
  • If you're still looking, I play a lot of D, but am very versatile. GoodTimeNinja71
  • I play goalie I’ve played a lot of goalie to on almost everyday
    Add me: HonneiBadger
  • ABrot75
    1 posts New member
    If you're still looking, I just left a top 100 club playing primarily 2's and 3's (over 1500 games where I played every position either hand, but goalie). Had about the same number of games in '17 and '18. Play style, as forward - not a dangler, but a passer. Would rather help create the play then to score myself. At D - Conservative, position with other D man, and prevent the breakaway.
    GT: bogeys5inbmore
  • OfFs3T_QC
    3 posts New member
    TunechiQC add me
  • Not sure if you’re still accepting membership but I’m interested in finding a active competitive club. Been playing NHL series since 94 and EASHL since it’s inception! Have played competitively in LG, X1 and NLG as well! Also in I’m a hockey player in real life as well as a rink manager and Zamboni driver. I’d like to think my hockey IQ is well above average. And because of this fact I play all positions and play them at the very least well I’m not very good! Although primarily this year I’ve been playing a Playmaking RW. But if it’s an opportunity to play with a active club, I’ll slot in anywhere! My gamertag is Bently80
  • CrabbySiren
    7 posts New member
    I play LW and C and I have 37G 39A 76pts and I am 21-5-1 playing random drop in games.

    I play your style of games too. Check out my YouTube channel and if your interested let me know!
  • CrabbySiren
    7 posts New member
    Wont let me post links but it's called crabby gaming
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