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In Ultimate Team, the new Seasonal set for Aquire Moves for Cris Justino will not let you fill in the Upgrade Token slot.



Incredibly frustrating because its the last one i need to complete the full move set. And i really am curious to see what the set reward pack is!

And yes i do have upgrade tokens.
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  • If this isnt able to be hotfixed soon i would like all of my 15 upgrade tokens back i turned in to fill the other 15 move slots. As i already packed all the moves and still turned them in to find out what set reward pack is.

  • 1gcv8f8ts83m.jpeg

    I am having the same problem!
    We should be able to get set reward, or I agree, I also want my upgrade tokens back.

    Please fix this EA.
  • BUMP?!?!!!?
    I got my last move needed today to complete set, all other moves upgraded, and yeah, I can’t complete the set.

    Please at least respond.
  • They fixed this issue within 48 hours of my post.

    Thank you guys. This can be closed, locked, or deleted now.
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