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All this feedback for all these different modes?

I think different discussion panels need to be set up while all these changes occur and even more so prior and after changes. There are way too many game modes and the opinions and arguments made would better dissected for evaluation if we all had the proper platforms to review and express ourselves.

There's a lot of varied opinions on what needs fixed and changed and what needs left alone. Some people only play certain modes exclusively while others play multiple or every mode equally. You have players who could care less about certain modes while others want to experience the total package.

Why can't we have a moderator or member elect be a representative of a specific mode and they interact and communicate with the fanbase primarily then relay the information to @NHLDev for review?

I see @NHLDev trying his best to entertain everyone's concerns but just like any human being, only has so much time in the day to accomplish tasks. If we, as a community could limit his workload, have a dialog created specific for certain game modes and discuss issues about the respective game modes, I feel there would be more positive results.

I read a lot of really great ideas and observations from you guys along with some real head scratchers but maybe if we all put our heads together and try to understand how each other views how the game plays or should play we can all get a game we can live with.

Myself, I only play EASHL and I want a completely balanced game between offense and defense with no advantage given due to mechanics or coding. I want to experience the most realistic representation of what the sport of hockey can be in a video game. I want absolutely 100% control and responsiveness of my player at all times and I want to play how hockey is supposed to be played, not how a video game interprets how I should play it.

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