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It's time to acknowledge how rigged this CPU is

It's time to acknowledge how rigged the CPU is in this game. It's game-breaking. I am so tired of trying to outsmart the CPU in this game, when it doesn't even feel as if it's possible to. How many times do I need to hit a player for him to lose the puck? I can poke it twice, lift thier stick, smash them against the boards but they barely stumble and just keep on truckin'. Meanwhile I get merely touched and my player takes 5 seconds to recover. They read/intercept probably 95% of passes, defensemen with their backs turned to the puck stealing it with one hand on their stick, or poking the moment you release the puck, as if your RT is synchronized with their RB. It really doesn't feel like hockey when you put legitimately robotic reflexes into the game. Their is no person on this planet that can bat down a slap shot dump in attempt from one foot away from it's release. Their stick lifts are impeccable, sometimes it feels as if the player thats supposed to receive the puck is being stick lifted before I even engage in the pass. Good luck with the CPU's 99ovr discipline. They land seemingly every poke, hit, stick lift imaginable. They poke between your legs, from behind, it doesn't matter. But you try poking them, and the puck will just end up in another CPU's hands or you'll get called for a penalty 95% of the time. It feels impossible to score goals unless you have 10 feet of net to look at, CPU goalies are gods amongst men in this game. Hell, i just finished getting shut out by Jacob Markstrom on Pro difficulty in HUT. I out shot them 38-17 with MANY scoring chances, but it doesn't matter. They stop everything(this is against the likes of Tavares, Gaudreau, Pastrnak, Burns, Boeser etc.). Mean while their 3rd line 76ovr center will take a weak wrist shot from the top of the circle and snipe it against 2x Vezina winner Bobrovsky. It's laughable, and extremely evident that this game is not determined by your skill, but insanely scripted CPU. It's hard to win when the game doesn't want you to. I don't claim to be the best player in this game, but somewhat knowledgable. But it is asinine to have my puck stolen by players not even looking in it's general direction, and then watching my players stand like pylons while passes just pass by their stick and next thing you know, I'm turning it over or getting called for icing. Same thing goes for the offensive zone, I skate in, and if I think I can pass it back to my blue liners, nope. They're ALWAYS LINE CHANGING. So now I have to reset and make another push at getting into their zone, or skate forward and get swarmed by 2-3 defenders. Or I could just dump the puck in, have the CPU recover, pin him against the boards with a teammate and watch them somehow escape with the puck. I don't get it. I stopped questioning long ago. It's time EA just comes out with it, because the scripted play is so evident at this point.


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    This is an example of what I'm referring to. I'm on a 5 on 3, behind the net and go to pass to the open skater in front for an easy one timer that should be a goal. Instead, Shea Weber uses his Spidey Sense to poke the puck at the perfect moment without ever looking at it, his back completely turned. Come on.
  • I’ve been playing EA hockey since it’s inception, and that in itself does not make me an expert, but it does give me some insight, and every year I say the same thing...

    “It’s exactly the same as last year!”

    As far as the CPU goes, it has been consistent. Year after year, it’s always the same. The CPU will do whatever it wants to do, whenever it wants to do it. Game physics be damned.

    From awkward, out of position hits to 100 mph, no look, behind the back passing, you are at its mercy.

    This year, for nhl19, I decided to put CPU passing accuracy at 0. Unbelievably, it still averages 85-90%!!!!

    I can sit here and write up a 15 paragraph long rant, but it’s pointless to be honest.

  • EpiCxOwNeD
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    I tired making a comeback into HUT after they added dedicated servers, but I just can’t. My Ai can’t even crash the net properly and my opponents Ai is always in good position to disrupt a pass or play.


    Outplaying this guy and my Ai forgets how to defense. This was the GWG.


    One of the better goal scorers in NHL Phil Kessel. Instead of crashing the net, he decides to go the corner on a 2 on 1.

    Still feels like I have to fight the game instead of playing the game.
  • monz
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    It's all based on skill, i crush the AI when i play them. Superstar provides me very little challenge. You just need more knowledge on how the game is played(strategy, counter strategy etc) i know you wont accept this as it's not the easiest to look at ones own faults. But there comes a time when you have to face reality. Dont get me wrong your not alone in this, ive many times raged because i thought i was wronged. But through changing my prospective on the event i learned how alter my own course/choice/ability to have a more advantageous outcome and you can too. Keep your chin up and remember ever faliure is really just a chance to learn.
  • The Beta Tuner definitely brought this randomness into the play. Not once since the tuner did I feel like I got raw dogged by my stupid AI and the other team finding another gear late in the 3rd. Most of the time the momentum shifts off of some weak bobbling goal due to the "fix" of goalies recovering slower. Honestly even when the goalie flails he bats it into the net. Why play the game when it feels like you're playing against your team itself.
  • Exhibit B: EASHL computer goalie turning into Patrick Roy. Notice how we outshot them by 35, had over 9:00 more minutes of time on attack, double digit faceoff advantage, more power plays. But we couldn't get anything past this comouter goalie. Also take note of the "please sign in" message on the top right - this was in overtime, I disconnected at centre ice leaving the other team in a 3 on 1 in which they scored and beat us 1-0 with 12 shots on net. Nothing suspect about that...
  • I think the devs should add some lag to the bots...they are tooooo streamline.
    We all have to deal with lag...they should be toned down a half second on all thier movements.
  • monz
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    I think the devs should add some lag to the bots...they are tooooo streamline.
    We all have to deal with lag...they should be toned down a half second on all thier movements.

    Remember years ago forza had your friends/other players skills/tendencies transfered to the AI. I wish NHL had something of that nature, player tendencies, move models, play type etc. It would bring a whole new feel to 6's.
  • The problem with sports games today is that there is no competition for EA the one sport they had competition in was the NBA and they got smoked by 2k . NHL 20 is the most scripted sports game i have ever played it doesn't matter how you layout your strat it doesn't matter the ratings of your players compared to the others its just on a script to make the game more exciting an put you in exciting postions its like there trying to fabricate the fun of the game instead of just giving you a real life sim .
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