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Anyone have a Grant Fuhr or other 95 goalie they want to trade?

I got plenty if studs


  • 93 landeskog
    91 Karlson
    91 Letang
    90 Parise
    90 Skinner
    90 stamkos
    89 Crosby

    I'd move some for Fuhr or similar
  • 92 schieffle
    90 robitaille
  • Isn't there only Fuhr and LaPlante at 95 for G's?
  • Yes. Laplant is win 500 online games to earn so I'd rather buy Fuhr lol
  • Bigmaxdad wrote: »
    Yes. Laplant is win 500 online games to earn so I'd rather buy Fuhr lol
    No that is Sawchuk - also 95 but I was talking about tradeable ones.
  • Oh gotcha. Yeah sawchuck
  • I just picked up Fuhr today after I lost faith in my previous goalie and on checking his stats his glove high / stick high ratings were some of his lowest and since the new tuner kicked in he's shipped so many goals glove side high I just lost complete faith him. That includes short side wrist shots, slot wrist shots across his body high side and slap shots from the point (not D to D one-timers which are notoriously difficult to save if the goaltender is out of position at all). I didn't have a back-up that was any better so sold off some gold collectibles I'd been hoarding and picked Fuhr up for 320K - a lot of coins for a goaltender but his ratings were so much better than my incumbents that it was worth it if he could make a difference between the pipes.

    So far - so good: Only 3 games but 3 wins, one shut out, 3 goals conceded and 90% save average
  • I did buy him for 350k soon after. He's been ok
  • I'm thinking about selling my Fuhr 95. PS4. Interested?
  • I want a 95 bishop and I’m will to trade a 95 grant fuhr, 88 Pasternak and a 89 TOOTOO anyone interested
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