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Dedicated Servers Are Coming To HUT 19

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Beta Tuner Rollback Update + Current Gameplay Feedback Survey.
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  • Ty_Hors
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    Hey everyone,

    Starting Tuesday, January 8th at 5 AM EST, NHL 19 will be switching to dedicated servers for all HUT games.

    Read below to find out more about why we are changing to dedicated servers and how it will impact your experience.

    What Type of Connection Did HUT Games Used to Use?

    Previously, HUT 1v1 games were based on peer-to-peer connections. Peer-to-peer games depend on the quality of connection between you and your opponent, which can be vastly different from game to game for a variety of reasons.

    Why Are You Switching to Dedicated Servers in HUT?

    We are switching to dedicated servers in HUT because they are a proven technology that provide an increased level of consistency and security to your playing experience.

    Dedicated servers will also help solve for an exploit known in the community as the “Pause Glitch”.

    How Do Dedicate Servers Improve My Experience?

    With dedicated servers, your opponent’s connection quality has no effect on your gameplay experience. The only thing that matters is the quality of your connection to the server, which will make your gameplay experience more consistent. Additionally, dedicated servers will improve the security of your connection when playing games.

    Do Dedicated Servers Exist in Other NHL 19 Modes?

    Yes! Dedicated servers are already in use throughout NHL 19 for playing any game with 3 or more human players, such as HUT co-op games and World of Chel games.

    Thank you for your patience as we worked towards creating a solution for the Pause Glitch.

    - The EA SPORTS NHL Team
  • RSall14
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    You guys really couldn't fix the glitch so you gave people dedicated servers lol?
  • Nxckles
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    Are additional servers being added or will the existing servers have to carry the added workload? @Ty_Hors @NHLDev
  • It’s about time.
  • RSall14 wrote: »
    You guys really couldn't fix the glitch so you gave people dedicated servers lol?

    I don’t care what the reason is, hut has needed dedicated servers since it’s inception and we are finally getting them.
  • Nuckles37 wrote: »
    Are additional servers being added or will the existing servers have to carry the added workload? @Ty_Hors @NHLDev

    You know the answer to that
  • WOC servers are trash so I feel bad for the HUT players
  • Litjfoxn
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    This community never seems to be satisfied. Holy c... They give us users a great thing with dedicated servers, and all people do is saying "haha - they couldn't fix the glitch, so they gave DS instead?" and "you know it will suck" ?

    Thank you EA, for taking security threats seriously and giving us a better experience in the process.
  • Finally!!

    Thank you!!!
  • And Online VS?
  • a1eshqa
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    and what about next year? frostbite+dedicated servers sounds good (:
  • I hope this will somehow help with versus games with the server loads. Makes me wonder if this update has something to do with delay input? I guess we will find out soon.
  • only HUT? :(
  • What about that extra server we need in the middle of the country....for EASHL...to help Far East connect to Far west?!!
  • Kirja1982
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    Question is, where are these dedicated servers located, because im from for example from Czech Republic. We will see, how it will work. Hope it will be allright.
  • Will there be any servers in europe??
  • Froommey
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    He wrote it, they doing all they can for HUT. They do not care about other modes much. Goodby NHL 20
  • Is there going to be disciplinary action taken against those who pause-glitched?
  • Great for hut players and long over due. However is an eashl player all I see is "your servers are about to get even worse".
  • Please EA, Please add dedicated servers for versus! I would pay extra for that if needed, but i simply want to enjoy the game again.
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