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Dedicated Servers Are Coming To HUT 19



  • Bmh245
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    Bmh245 wrote: »
    From the explanation of why they moved HUT to dedicated servers:

    "With dedicated servers, your opponent’s connection quality has no effect on your gameplay experience. The only thing that matters is the quality of your connection to the server, which will make your gameplay experience more consistent."

    Asking if they're on WiFi isn't very hard to do. And if you think someone else's connection has zero influence, try inviting a Swede to a club game with everyone else being from the local region you're in. I'd be willing to bet it's an awful experience.

    OP that KidShowtime was responding to wasn't talking about club games or drop-ins, where you're trying to keep six teammates (or whatever) synced up. He was talking about HUT, where it's 1v1.

    Regardless, it's EA that thinks your opponent's connection in a 1v1 game has "no effect on your gameplay experience." It's possible you're better informed about how dedicated servers work than EA's network engineers are, but doesn't really seem likely.
  • I’ve been playing the last week or two since they added dedicated servers. But what has exactly dedicated servers done to make the game play better other than lagging? Still plenty of garbage that can decide games and what is up with the mean input delay I get half way through the game? Takes a full second to register something.

    I hoped dedicated servers would fix clueless Ai, more consistent fair puck pick up and other things but nope, garbage and luck can win you a lot of games.
  • In all of the problems this game had it's sad that this made me quit HUT because of the server delay. Getting 27-32ping in finland but it feels like 100ms
  • The dedicated servers are trash. Sometimes i just can't give a pass or shot. They maybe solved some problems but gave some new. That's enough for me EA. I'll promise I won't buy NHL 20. I don't know why I should to pay for game that gives me more and more problems while I'm playing it. This is the only feedback I can give. No money for you. Just keep drawing your cards - they are very beautiful.
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