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Symptoms of the Larger Issue in EASHL 6s

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I know the devs are getting a lot of pushback from the competitive 6s community, but I feel like players are trying to diagnose the symptoms instead of looking at the larger issue causing those issues.

"Bumps are too strong and I get bumped too much, so nerf bumps"

"5 man trapping on the blue line is too easy because I am not fast enough/don't have the tools, so give forwards more tools"

"Everyone just throws turds to score, so make our players higher overall so we score on goalies other ways"

The truth is there just isn't enough space on the ice to do anything.

Stuff is so cramped with 6 human players anticipating plays at a high level. There are no gaps in a 5 man staggered trap on the ice, and the constant proximity to 6'3 220 lb defenders causes forwards to have no room to avoid constant bumps.

Increasing the size of the ice in comparison to the player would open up space for forwards to be creative. It would decrease the effectiveness of the 5 man blue line trap, eliminating the neutral zone bumper cars that is competitive 6s.

The ice size works okay in versus/hut because the uncontrolled computers don't anticipate, trap, and play D like a human.

First Person Shooters, in comparison, can be incredibly strategic on the right maps, but as soon as you throw a bunch of dudes on a small map like Shipment or Rust from a CoD game it just turns into a circle jerk. Which is what EASHL 6v6 is right now.

Please increase the scale of the ice in comparison to the player in NHL 20 EASHL. If it is as easy as making olympic ice the default size for 6v6 please try it out in a tuner.


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    That’s something I’ve wanted to test out for a while. I fear the ultimate take away would be that Defense is at a disadvantage and there wouldn’t be a good balance. We’ll never know if we don’t try though and it would be a fun experiment regardless.
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  • It was always fun to play in Olympic rinks.
    I’ve found good passing combined with knowing when to circle back in the neutral zone using the D and lateral passes to create seams and gaps with creates a bit of respect(space). It’s a team effort though which can admittedly be challenging in some drop ins.

    I kinda wish within the tutorial there were a few breakout, neutral zone, and forechecking plays so people could learn where they should be. It would help their evaluation of the A.I. as well.
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  • I've been playing NHL since NHL 93' and owned them all. The problem is the turbo defenseman you can't forecheck and rarely steal the pick from. Blind passes backward through the legs on the tape. You can't ever play dump and chase anymore and they are vacuums if you pass it anywhere near them. The only way to score is ragging wristers and the dumb rebound goals. This game is an utter, boring dumpster fire. It has been since they removed the attribute system and gotten worse every year. The first tuner had problems but it was fun at least. They they broke it, then they switched back and now it's broken again. I play for fun, not frustration. Fix the game, make it fun to play.
  • Changing the size of the ice is not the solution. The size of the ice and players should be physically accurate. The game needs to slow down to give you more time.

    I bought a sega genesis for the soul reason of playing NHL 93 normanethan. Glad I'm not the only old f

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