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  • i don't know the source but it seems like decent advise.

    personal data is the most sought after product and EA really doesn't traffic in it the way Fortnite and other free-to-plays will. i'm sure EA has some free-to-plays but i don't know, they may own Fortnite all i know.

    but any investing in online and tech companies in general should be seeking those that collect the most personal data. there were a ton of good micro opportunities when apps blew up a decade or so ago but now they have trouble getting in on apple and google stores.

    gaming is a pretty privileged and exclusive hobby and only has so much growth with consols & PC and i read and hear how it's as saturated as the TV market so you can't forcast too much growth. there have been several series of layoffs, bankruptcies and even some companies going out of business altogether the last few years.

    my guess is that if the Mixers and Twitches of the world find a way to utilise their influencers the way instagram and twitter has they might get a small boom.
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