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CR Troubles

Here we go.
If you don't care about CR, I get it! It's an arbitrary measure of one's competitive level. But I do. I want to work towards something, but it makes me so mad.

The most recent example (the one that really pushed me over the edge to actually write this):
In a 3s game, I'm playing Wing and I have a Centre with me, No prestige, Level 41. Whatever, I feel I'm good enough to win the game despite his lower level (I'm a P3-50). We're winning in the second period, despite his AWFUL play (he doesn't know that R2 is for pass). He quits in the second period, and I lose 22 CR. Even though a win was imminent, and I've shut down the other team with my great defensive play. I work so hard to win games so that my CR can go up. I always seem to hover around 1000 CR, and this guy who I was playing with had 341 CR. Can I get some credit for single-handedly winning this game for this scrub? Please EA?


  • Gifto73
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    OTP bud. Nuff said! Lost over 250 CR one weekend when my friends were not around and all I played was drop ins with randoms. Most points lost because of quits. Don’t criticize a players poor play. You are in drop in. It could be a kid that’s 8 years old. It could be a new player. It could be someone trying a new build. If they can’t play this mode in OTP then where can they? Thing that ticks me off is losing points because they quit. I should not be penalized for someone else’s reasons for quitting. But man, people in OTP need to have more patience when dealing with randoms.
  • Or losing points because of a troll goalie who lays down and runs around the ice all game. 😡 Shouldn’t my competitive rating be based my on MY competitiveness?? No idea why they bothered with it. Especially sucks when club GMs base invites off of it (which is stupid to do anyway)
  • does anyone win a game and there competitive raiding goes up by like 7 then when you loose it goes down by 30 i dont think its fair and i think it should be changed.
  • STARS_31491
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    The CR system is absolutely skewed. It’s not an accurate indicator of how decent a player truly may or may not be, which in return makes the entire matchmaking system flawed. Also why those matches that should never be generated to begin with are the same ones that are tilted or leveraged against you, win or lose. Momentum given to the underdogs is real and it’s blatantly obvious, especially if you take note of how, when, why it happens. To be blunt, it’s stupid to lose CR points in a game if the outcome was even minimally influenced to help the other side win it whereas otherwise they likely wouldn’t. It all ties together folks. Everyone, including EA, would benefit tremendously to completely overhaul the current system in favor of something that isn’t designed to “punish” better players so extremely. As it is now, you’re right, it’s high risk - low reward. You can spend a full day winning games but the second you lose one or two your CR will be right back to where it was when you started hours earlier, if not much lower. It’s honestly a defeating feeling. +3 for a win, whether it be a blowout or an OT thriller, and -17 to -23 for a loss in the same fashion. Over time it requires ppl with high CR’s to win 25-30 consecutive games in order just to maintain or slightly increase it. Is that even realistic, especially when you can’t dictate the outcome which a lot of times is predetermined and scripted prior to. No logical explanation. There are also too many factors that we have no control over which will absolutely impact your CR, but shouldn’t... like EA servers going down, a game freezing or loop glitching till someone has to restart the game, having a teammate quit unexpectedly, etc... it isn’t right to make these all too common occurrences hurt those who aren’t responsible for em to begin with. I should never have to lose points because I was paired with someone who quits moments into the game for no justifiable reason. Only they should, same with trolls, same with any other similar situations. Not only that, but if there were actually measures in place to reduce this general attitude that would be widely appreciated I do believe. Like time limits to enter a new game for reputable quitters, idk.

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  • Just came on here to say the same thing, just decided to play a 3's drop in game and because my other 2 players quit because they suck I lose the CR rating, game is a JOKE.
  • CR rating is overrated. ;)
  • CR does give some indication of how good you are at the game. If you lose 20 and only win 7 that's normal it just means the team you lost to has Lower CR and the team you beat has Low CR. if you beat a team with High CR you win more CR and lose less CR Etc..

    CR is really more for EA so they can set the Dynamic difficulty adjustments ( make your player slower and less accurate against your opponents who have lower CR.) This make it so everyone will get to win even if they suck.

    sorry you lost your game but EA said its there turn to win.
  • That is the biggest problem in this game, when EA decides the winner before the puck is even dropped.
  • So after reading this pro CR people, I think the competitive rating needs to be changed to a tier based leveling system based on:
    your individual performance based on player type (a grinder would earn CR differently than a playmaker as well as the defensive player type)
    Team performance/ Stats grade
    bonus to winning the game and none for losing.

    However, there should be reduction and if necessary a negation of how much CR you could have earned based on a poor performance on your part such as bad positioning, turnovers, careless penalties, own net goals, unnecessary offsides and etc
  • clausgamer
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    CR points or competitive rating points is another joke in this game. It makes no sense at all. Unless u (like me) c it as coward rating. Higher the cr points = bigger cowards. Lots of cowards in NHL19 CHEL
  • Leckaroo
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    CR is a not a measure of talent IMO. I play a fair amount of drop ins and always see 5 or 6 friends on the other side playing together and in most cases dominate games. Baffles me considering you can invite to clubs without leaving previous ones now.

    Don't sweat the CR. In many cases a high CR is like the above post said...cowards...taking the easy route cause they're too afraid to actually compete.

    Albeit some are legit talent.
  • The exact same thing happened to me at least 15 times this year bud, EA won’t do anything about it. But I agree with you. Even though CR doesn’t mean much, it is frustrating. The only way to have fun in 3v3 drop-ins is by either playing with someone you know OR searching for decent players using the “looking for group” feature (if you’re on Xbox).

    I used to play with anyone the game put me with because I like a challenge but never again. I remember one time in particular this year where I went from 1100cr to 1050cr in the span of 2 games playing with your typical drop-in scrubs who either decide to quit in the first even though your team is winning because why not or straight up don’t have a clue how to play this game.

    But again, CR isn’t everything. I’ve encountered my fair share of 1000+cr players with little to no talent.
  • clausgamer wrote: »
    CR rating is overrated. ;)
    And meaningless
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