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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

Check out our January 30th patch details here.

Join a great community! We need all positions, we will have tournaments, and do a chise in NHL 20!

Hey everyone, DJ Mixxer here on Xbox.

I commish a Madden league which I've ran for quite some time now, and we're on season 4 right now, and have another league. But after playing NHL this weekend, I came to realize that NHL 19 actually is more exciting and fun than Madden is, so why not create a community on there also? I would like to recruit people for our EASHL team(It's brand new, starting out), we can run games against eachother, do a tournament type thing, and keep doing tournaments for fun until NHL 20 comes out and then we can dive into a Online Franchise.

The goal is to build a community. Are you in?

Join our Discord. https://discord.gg/7X8q8Hd
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