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Career mode in ufc 4

I really liked the career mode in ufc 3 although the actual story was a bit lackluster.

Would love to see one similar to fight night where its the standard rise of someone who maybe started out in life in a bad way.. Bit of street fighting etc. That leads to getting scouted

Imagine the prison fights from fight night in ufc.. Some backyard fight club style ufc with no gloves

The career mode needs some depth, a bit of story and a character you can get into


  • I would love that too, I think TUF wud be perfect background. I know it is sort of in the game but Id like to see something like a proper story mode from last Fight Night.
  • oh and actuall career mode could have some more depth so that it wud be like something between fighting game and mma management. I enjoy the way it is in ufc 3 and I play it quite often but still wudnt mind if there was a bit more to it
  • Or the option to fight in pride like the old school ones. Or to just stay champ in the regional circuit. I felt like UFC 3 was very linear. Get the belt. Get two belts. And done. UFC undisputed was cool cause commentary would adapt to gameplay. "This is his first fight since losing the belt... this guy is a serious grappler... etc" I even miss the getting cut from UFC after 3 loses. You could have resurgences. Those games were better still in so many ways.
  • And bro. The downward kenflo elbows. Those games were so good. Inside Heel hooks to kneebars... then switch to the outside heelhook. There were so many possibilities in that game
  • Yea really linear.. Would be nice to see some choices that make an impact. Even the way you train.

    By the end of the career you can go from having no skill at all on the ground to being able to submit the best grapplers out there with ease.

    Maybe if someone took you under their wing and say as a striker you would become amazing on your feet but only really get the chance to learn basic grappling etc.
  • Agree. Would the love opportunity to stay champ in a smaller organization for a bit before transferring over to the UFC. Or have the decision with management to change weight classes if we wanted to instead of going the double champ route. Or have the decision to defend both belts if you are the double champ.

    The career mode just lacks a lot of story plain and simple.
  • The actual gameplay is fun, the fight intros and commentary are pretty good, but career mode is lacking on a real story, a role playing aspect and missing on a lot of key details like career stats on all fighters, all time greats list that includes all the legends ranked 1-25 or whatever. Also missing record books (most knockouts, most submissions, most wins etc) and I’m all for having all the legends as playable characters in the overall game, but I don’t wanna see all these old men still fighting in career mode and damn sure don’t wanna see the top 15 contenders list flooded with a bunch of 40+ year olds, retire them in career mode PLEASE. I Maybe some fighters can last until early 40s, but that’s extremely rare. Also wanna see the contenders list constantly changing along with champions, maybe the champ defends his/her belt 3-4 or even 5 times, but a lot of the time they don’t even defend it once.
    I wanna see new talent spawned regularly, with solid rookies who become stars, some who don’t make it, some who stay at the bottom and make a career as a stepping stone, and those one or two superstars in each division who eventually give you a run for your money. Maybe some rookie is talking trash to you and you can shut him up with a first round knock out, or become rivals if the fight goes the distance, or some sort of 3rd round finish or if he beats you you’ll definitely want a rematch. Any real tough fight you have should develope into some trash talking on social media and you can give a rematch or ignore it, or whatever. I just want there to be a lot more trash talking and you can have more than one rival, maybe like up to 3-5, but only one can be your main rival.
    Focus heavily on the rival aspect! I wanna see a lot more back and forth. I wanna see disrespect and hatred. Some guys keep it more on the classy side. You have the option to trash talk, keep it classy or be indifferent in UFC 3, but it could be better. I wanna see press conferences where you can antagonize your rival or choose to get mad yourself. I just wanna see some in depth storylines that lead to some epic and bloody grudge matches.
    The rivalry’s are easily one of the most interesting aspects of any kind of professional fighting.
    I also wanna see a full card for every one of your fights and even be able to track the ones you’re not fighting on (at least the main cards, but would love to see every last detail if possible). I wanna see all the fights simulated and wanna see other fighters going back and forth on social media and develope rivalry of their own. Maybe some include you a little bit if they are in your division, or even get in the middle of your own rivalry’s too, or some that have absolutely nothing to do with you in other divisions (and I’ll say it again: retire the old men and women please and bring in a bunch of new interesting talent regularly).
    Lastly I would love to be able to develop my guy in career mode and then be able to compete against other people’s career mode fighters online like how they do it on NBA 2k!
    Did I miss anything for career mode? Role playing aspect, more control over your destiny and more story, and focus heavy on the rivalry aspect! Take your guy to online mode! RETIRE the 40 year olds or even the 37-38 year olds in most cases!!! Career stats on everyone and simulations to follow the whole UFC!
  • I don’t like how you have virtually no control over who becomes your rival in ufc 3. Your 3rd fight is who becomes your rival in front on Dana White. Why does it have to be him? Especially if he’s a bum who you knock out in the first minute. Usually your first and second fights are a lot tougher than the one in front of Dana. Your rival needs to be a formidable opponent that gives you a good fight. No?
    And the contenders list is so lame seeing 40 & 50 year olds still fighting let alone be top15, then the rest are in their 30s. Where are all the mid 20s fighters in their primes??? And why are their guys on the contenders list with anything close to a losing record??? I see guys who are like 5-8 in the top 10!! ****!!!
  • Meanwhile you got guys like Israel Adesanya sitting there at 18-0 and never make the top 15. He should be number 1 or at least top 5 with a record like that. Jotko is super tough in ufc 3 as well and never makes top 15. Why?
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