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Why Poke check was moved from Square to R1 in NHL 18 & 19

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Any reason why poke check was moved from Square to R1 in NHL 18 & 19 Why not just keep it the same? It was fine in Nhl17!
Poke check, get the puck, then shoot or pass right away. All on the same X button!
Better using all 4 closes to each other button. (Square Triangle O X)
Moving your thumb or finger way up to (poke check) get the puke, then down to pass or shoot take time.
Time is important when playing hockey, a fraction of a second relay count.
If you really want to stick lift someone wish take a little bit longer to make your move. Than move your finger or thumb way up than down.
The name of the game is to play with your stick to get the puck and shoot or pass the puck when you have it. Not to stick lift someone in the back all the time trying to get the puck.
This is the reason I and other I talk too only play NHL17 and don’t buy and play 18 or 19


  • Socair
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    Looks like they added the ability to stick lift with the hybrid controls as it’s not listed as a option in the 17 control scheme. So they needed to remap poke check. Maybe it’s intended to help users in transition to the skill stick scheme.

    Probably done out of demand too.
  • I use Hybrid. May be the demand? But why. Faster using close button no., I like to mention it. Other people thing that way to. But like u said majority win. But why slower?? This way I win most of my game!
  • Socair
    2811 posts Game Changer
    Well there was no option to stick lift with hybrid before, so I’m sure people were asking for it.

    Have you tried changing the controller mapping through the PS4 accessibility settings?
  • I am using Hybrid. I did some button change on my PS4 setting.
    The problem is on NHL 18 & 19 Hybrid The Stick lift & Wrist shoot are on the same button. Thy can no be separated. If you change the Stick lift you also change the Wrist shoot.
    Wish is what you don’t want to do!
    On NHL 17 The Poke check & Wrist shoot are on the same button.
    It should be the same on !8 &19
    NHL 17: Poke check, get the puke & shoot (or pass) right away without having to change button. (Except for pass). wish is normal.
    NHL: !8 & 19 You have to use one button to poke check {R1 way on top} (to) get the puke than change button {way below} to shoot (Wrist shoot) or (pass) back and forth up & down!
    Like I said before the name of the game is to play with your stick to get the puke than do what you want to do: Shoot or Pass right away. The stick lift should only be an option move.
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