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These “boosts” dont mean anything

Those attributes you can assign to your eashl player dont mean a thing. One timer boost? Yea ok why am i missing the net more times than being on target? Im not saying they need to work 100% of the time, but they need a boost. Half of them are useless because its all based on connection. Lets be real, they added this to make it look like they helped us out based on our complaints about builds but in reality they barely do anything to help. And the fact that certain ones actually make other attributes worse is ridiculous. Half the time they negatively affect attributes that arent even associated with the one you assigned.


  • normanethan
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    Agreed, they are placebos. This vanilla crap is ticking me off. Bring back the attribute points and the grind. WAY more fun.

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  • Implement a system that encourages players to restart/rebuild their skater for cosmetic perks. Something similar to CoD prestige. It resolved the issues that caused EA to remove the "Build a Character" system while giving users more depth and customization to their skater.

  • Remember when EA admitted that the acceleration boost, among others, in NHL 14 didn't do a damn thing? We paid money for that.
  • They usually don't and I see no difference in player performance. I even went a couple games without a specialty and boosts a couple times
  • ShadowBurnSB
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    Faceoff master and Marathon man definitely help. Scored more with Booming slapper too so idk about that. I'm sure it's hard to quantify how much something like deking helps.

    PS. Don't bring back the grind. I always hated it, even when I had the time.
    Casual goalie gameplay: https://t.co/tQnYxAsyKy
  • The grind should come back. It’s what kept people playing. That being said...

    [quote=]"shanestinson67;c-2062443"]Remember when EA admitted that the acceleration boost, among others, in NHL 14 didn't do a damn thing? We paid money for that.[/quote]

    No, I don’t. I remember them saying they knew acceleration in general was broken because something “unexpected” was causing it to not work.
    Removing the negative side effects of the traits would honestly be a good place to start
  • Look at your attributes and watch as they change certain abilities like slap shot power etc pretty easy
  • I think the problem is that theres other things besides attributes determining the results in game. “Randomness” that is supposed to make the game feel more “realistic” just ends up ruining it. Artificial momentum and tilt that’s meant to keep the game close and more exciting, just ends up ruining it. If a player has 99 shot accuracy, he should shoot where youre aiming 99/100 times.

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