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Why are they either god like players or some idiot that has never played hockey? Why is one AI able to skate faster, have unlimited stamina. have superior reflexes, do things humans cant even do, magically pull you into the boards when youre well past them, stick lift you 10 times in a row during a puck battle with ease and no penalty? Then why does another AI stand flat footed at the blueline while the opponent skates right by, take 10 penalties a game, passes to other team consistently, literally skate into the goalie multiple times(usually causing goals)? This has been around for years because the devs at EA cant even spell hockey let alone code an AI to play correctly. Im asking for something inbetween a god and a newbie.


  • HandsomeCatf1sh
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    To me...the AI are very unbalanced in EASHL.
    They are extremely good at somethings and extremely bad at other things.
    Dump and chase??? Forget about it
    ..B line to the puck gobbled up before you even get a chance .....skate slowly into the slot....they just stand their watch the shooter.
    Skating along the board??? Bam suck ya right in...make any turn in....bam....heat seeking middle.

    I would like them to add “lag” to them to make them feel more like we feel.
    Sometimes they move in ways we really can’t ...just because of our slight input delay.

    Just more of a balance would be nice...like I said....god like in some aspects of thier play...mind numbing play in other aspects.
  • MOLLYSHatchet69
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    We have never gotten a good Ai. Our ai Won't get the puck when he's 2 feet from it. He consty skates the puck back into our goalie or into the side of the net. He doesn't pass to players that are wide open on breakaways. He never intercepts passes never hits or poke checks. Never ties people up or does board. Play.

    The other teams Ai is almost always the other teams best play. He hits like a truck can stick his stick through your body to poke check. Has a gravitational pull that sucks you in when you're 10 feet from the boards and pins you. Intercepts passes when he's not even looking at the passer just has sonar sense . I can hit the Ai and he shrugs it off like nothing happened. Never seems to lose the puck even when hit or poked.

    Ai players are so one sided. Its like one teams Ai has all the power and the other has nothing

    I think this is Ea's ice tilt. If you're a good team don't expect to get help from the AI if your terrible don't worry the Ai Will win you games.

    I would assume Most people have seen space jam? I'm not a basketball fan at all but it's a great movie. If you've seen it you'll remember when the monsters Take the power and ability away from the NBA stars. Our Ai is the NBA stars in this case the other team has the monstars.

    This game is terrible. We need Attributes Back by the way. No cards. Everyone gets the Attributes from day one. And The boost packs should be opened in 32 ranks via Hockey Bags. Just like the traits in 19.

    So Attributes Like we had from 09-15 from day one no unlocking. Boost packs open via hockey bags in 32 ranks.

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