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Glitchy opponent

honestly i played one game and after it , i lost interest a little to play.. losing 6-1 with a hall famer glitcher..

i recommend to looking it with big screen to see well..


first , a stupid wrap around glitch .. second goal , a glitched one hand goal that should never get it.. and the third is horrible , he like bugged a backhand shot..

also he made a goal taking a return to a one hand shot..

i am facing a lot of good player , as i am well ranked.. but game like that is not fun.. i hope this goal will get fixed.


  • Since the newest tuner there’s more glitchy cheese goals than ever, I feel the game is as bad as it’s ever been now.
  • My all time favourite is the 100% success rate of the one handed tuck. Works. Every. Time.
  • That third goal is just pure garbage, but according to the elite top players glitch goals are good for the game because they create a skill Gap
  • kitchener_boy
    354 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    VIDEO GAME=Spammers,lag switchers,one move wonders. Get over it!. This is nothing new. EA cant police how games are played,it's up to you...the people!. EA doesn't suck at making games,it's people suck at playing fair!. Your decision to keep buying these games only to make the DEV'S feel like crap over it is kinda wrong.
    I dont see much being done...I know what the problem is,the game is too easy for kids. This game has crappy goalies,crappy animations,and it will never cater to realism.
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