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tootoo 66 set

im sure that was missing yesterday and now its back again
I sold 2 66s off cheap because it had gone gggrrrrr
did I go?


  • Same here, used mine in sets had 3. Really bad, should atleast refund them to people or something.
  • I can concur that this set was missing at some point recently but then back again last night. I didn't loose anything in this process but for those that did could EA help?
  • Refund you for what? Your own mistake. lol. God this community wants everything given to them
  • @OprtnShtdwn

    If EA pulled the sets early and that is what caused the posters above to dispose of their collectibles then if that can be proved that is why I think EA owes them a chance to get the better version of the card
  • It was obviously a mistake from EA to remove the sets. It would only make sense to give back all collectibles that were quick sold during the period of time that the set was gone.
  • Oprtn, mistake? How would I know they remove the set suddenly , I used the cards on just a silver set. Then some hours later the set is back in. I don't think thats my fault not knowing something that is impossible to know. This was clearly a EA mistake and ppl should get their cards back, but that won't happen I guess.
  • WealthyFriends
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    The Tootoo set was always set to expire a few days prior to the other sets, which is weird, but the fact that they brought the set back is the dirty part.
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  • Yeah EA really dropped the bomb on this event/set one. They had a timer on the Tootoo set it was set to expire a week before, so it was there to see, yet to many people didn't pay attention to it then cried to EA when it ended not knowing because they didn't pay attention and continued to buy his card above his rating value, or trade for him in time. I remember watching the market Monday after the event ended and couldn't believe how many people were still trying to buy his card, mind blown but obviously they complained enough to let EA bring it back, but that's when it gets weird imo and they dropped the bomb on this event/set.

    The Tootoo set shouldn't of ended a week early in the first place it should of just ended tomorrow like the rest of the stuff in the flashback event, then to bring it back after people were basically just selling the cards away because they had no value anymore, is the real slap in the face imo. Because now you bring it back but the people who bought them now can't trade for him again because they tried to sell them off because they had no use anymore, so now they have to go buy them all again above value because other people bought them cheap to resell higher. This definitely was a bad one on EA part.
  • Oh and I laugh at the people bidding on his card with no buy now price especially when that card will end after the event expires :D. I guess some will never learn....
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