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Goal or No Goal

So last night playing EASHL.

Are DMAN is heading towards are net with the puck and gets tripped and the puck goes in.

Should the goal count or no?


  • I think in the NHL on a female delayed penalty, if you score into your own net it counts as a goal. This circumstance is rare in real life so I don't know how it would apply but I'd imagine it would count as an own goal as well since the other team never had possession of the puck.

    Tough call to make though, especially if the foul on the play directly leads to a goal.
  • In that case, no, the goal would (should) be disallowed since it was directly responsible for the goal
  • Would be no goal. It's like if you high stick a puck and it hits the opposing team player and goes in It's no goal.
  • kitchener_boy
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    I dont see a video? oh nevermind..you explained it.
  • I'd say ..I'm not sure..if an opponet tripped you..and a penalty was comming..I would say NO.
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