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Games needs more ways to stop cage push takedown

The actual takedown itself once they got ya on the cage isn’t the problem, the real issue here that everyone is spamming especially once you start facing top 50 kinda guys is that there is only one way to stop the cage push and it’s a sprawl that misses most of the time and destroys your stamina which then formualaicly gets you subbed.

To begin with the bullrush push to the cage is usually only seen when a guy gets desperate or when they’re hurt in a real fight and it very rarely ever works, you see guys circle away, reverse the momentum of the guy trying to run them to the cage with judo throws and hip tosses, or you see them get measured up and crushed to the body with huge knees. It’s cool that it’s in the game but it’s one of the most over powered and over exploited moves in the game right now. There needs to be a few ways to shuck that attack off before they get you to the cage, reversal throws, simple circling off the opposite way causing the guy to fall to their knees likemyou see in real fights and body knees that break the takedown attempt, or the same kinda guillotine that Werdum slapped on Cain when Cain got desperate trying to not get ktfo’d.

In a real fight that kinda bullrush is almost always a desperation move that leaves the guy open to plenty of counter options which is why you almost never see it actually work. I really feel it’s one of the top exploits in the game right now and adding a few more counters to that attack would balance things out again. These guys don’t need to set it up or anything, they just spam the crap out of that takedown and that’s how they’re in the top 50. My other problem with that takedown is the distance they can use it from, you got these guys pushing you to the cage from halfway out looking like Raiden’s flying push move from Mortal Kombat, it’s op and the range is waaaaaaay too large for it.

Like I said it’s a cool addition to the game but man does it ever need some nerfing.


  • I agree there could be more options to reverse that takedown, but let's not throw so much that it abolishes the entire point of the takedown. A simple judo throw counter or side step will suffice.
  • Twiztdcrow
    7 posts New member
    The moment they have it stop sprawling as they push you to the cage and your stamina wont drain on the way there. Then clinch tactics
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