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To NHL Dev / Support: Xbox Bumps or Incidental Contact Issue

@NHLDev @NHL_Live_Support After speaking directly with several of your NHL19 GameChangers this last week they tell me that you are well aware of the issues with this low speed incidental contact being completely overpowered on the Xbox. Can I please ask you to comment about this, and if possible let me and the rest of the NHL community on the Xbox know what the plan is to align this to the more playable form of the current tuner that is available on the PS4?

Many thanks.


  • Yes quickly the elite can’t rag the puck anymore, they need help.
  • Yes quickly the elite can’t rag the puck anymore, they need help.

    Not sure if you were sarcastic there towards my original post, or to the issues highlighted within it.

    If the latter, thanks.

    If the former, I'm just arguing for a level playing field. At some point cross platform play for franchises like NHL especially (with a lower fan base than say, FIFA) must be realised so it would make sense that the game plays the same on both Sony and Microsoft platforms.

    If not sarcastic at all, my apologies, but could you be a little clearer when responding to posts in future? Thanks.

    By the way - maybe against you, people can't rag the puck any more, but against me it's not changed so much. The only problem is my elite skaters can't go in a straight line without a nudge in the back causing them to stumble and loose momentum or even the puck. A level playing field for the two opponents on Xbox would be a nice start.
  • @NHLDev @NHL_Live_Support boosting this again as still not had a comment from either off you. Also copying in:@EA_Roger; @EA_David; @EA_Cian; @EA_Lanna; @EA_KRAELO in the hope of a response.

    I just played a game to test out the new tuner and had the worst case of Bumps ever. I've posted about this on the forum many times and been told that it's all normal and if you skate in a straight line and are hit from behind the puck will be pushed forwards and if you stay on the same path you'll pick the puck back up and all that rubbish.

    It's simply not true.

    My opponent was losing in the last period so obviously boosted his AI forecheck and aggression and the result was the mutated love child between an earthquake and hurricane disaster zones. Skating back to my own net waiting for a line change his forward skates into me from behind. This causes my player to loose the puck, from which he scored off the resulting two on one.

    I'll say it again: Skated into me from behind No hit - no poke - no stick lift - but my players animation was one of being hit by a freight train and even though the puck was right there in front of him I didn't get it back - 2 seconds later - goal.

    What is going on?

    Please can you explain how this is fair and what are you doing about it to fix this on the Xbox?
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