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Who is Better 5* Pettis or *5 Tony ??

I’m curious to know what everyone thinks!


  • They're both great.

    If you want a pure great striker like Conor with enough slots to max BOT/SUBD and pretty high in others, go Pettis.

    If you want an all around good fighter where you can be deadly on the feet, clinch, or on the ground, go Tony or the CAF.
  • Pettis easily.
  • Depends if you've got 5 star mcgregor. It's just me but I only really need 1 strong lightweight striker for the dailies

    Imo I'm really getting into balanced types over strikers lately. With ferguson you can still easily get your striking stats up and be powerful enough on the feet but it just also gives a bit more help on the ground.

    Can't stand being taken to the ground with a striker and just flopping around until my stamina is gone
  • Just realised if you guys didn't.. Can't believe I didn't think of it before but I dropped a wild card in and got pettis as well. Now you can have both!
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