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EA what did you do with nhl 19? it is getting worse ...

Thank you, everything you are trying to do better is getting worse. Since the last update, I can no longer buy cards in the store with buy now. You made the game completely unusable for me, thank you. I've been playing NHL since the beginnings on the sega console in the 90s. this is probably the last time, because the mist you make, I am no longer willing to join. The game is a pure disappointment from the first to the last second. this game has nothing to do with ice hockey. and please ea, tell me why I should spend so much money on expensive players with high scores, if each province goalkeeper is better than mine with 92 rating. All my players have skating from 95 to 99, but even the stupidest and most unknown players run backwards faster, what the hell, I feel betrayed.
Please make sure again that I can buy cards with immediate purchase. I can not earn any monthly cards by this circumstance. what the hell are you doing all day long. Anyway, I'm sick of nhl 19.


  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    This has nothing to do with game updates (of which there hasn’t been one in a while. Roster updates are not title updates). Go to EA Help, open a case and include the screenshot. You probably have an escrow issue https://help.ea.com/
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