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NHL 19 Patch 1.55 Notes - Available Feb. 20th @ 5 AM ET

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Hey everyone,

Tonight at 2 AM PT/5 AM ET, Patch 1.55 and Tuner 1.04 will be going live in NHL 19. For Tuner 1.04 notes, please view the tuner post here.

Patch 1.55 is adding in the highly-requested addition of the ability to have a Wins-Based Competitive Season/HUT Champions leaderboard. Also included in Patch 1.55 is the previously mentioned fix for the Network Performance Screen and some gameplay improvements relating to goalies tracking the puck and players behind the net and improved blends from deking into quick shots.

Please note that while Tuner 1.04 will be bringing in some changes to a player’s speed, acceleration, and agility when backskating with the puck, there were no other changes made to skating.

Read below to find out everything that is in Patch 1.55.

Hockey Ultimate Team
  • Added in a new Leaderboard functionality to have HUT Champions and Competitive Seasons scoring also be Wins-based
    • Wins-based Competitions will rank players by the number of Wins, with Round Points used as a tiebreaker.
    • Points-based Competitions will continue to rank users by Round Points.
  • Removed the ability to see the opponent’s team name and information during the loading screen. The screen will show your network connection and the HUT logo now.

With the addition of Wins-Based leaderboards, we will be able to use them in any HUT Competitive Season mode while still maintaining the functionality of being able to do Points Based events. We wanted to maintain the Points-based competitions functionality as there are certain season structures (i.e. HUT Champions Qualifiers) that make a lot more sense to do in Points-based competitions as opposed to Win-based.

Additionally, we have removed the ability to see your opponent’s team name and information during the loading screen as we received complaints from a lot of players that opponents would back out against them if they recognized their name, making it harder for them to find a game. You will still be able to see the connection bar as you enter the game.

  • Fixed an issue where the Network Performance Screen was showing a user’s ping rate as half of what it truly was. (e.g. a 20 ping rate showed up on the screen as 10) This was a purely visual fix and will not affect your online experience. It will now show correctly on the screen.

  • Improved how goalies track puck and player motion behind the net
  • Improved how goalies react to wrap around attempts behind the net
  • Improved blends from deking into quick shots to make the timing more realistic
  • Improved motion into backhand toe drag in some contexts
  • Identified and fixed a bug where a player skating backwards with the puck wasn’t properly accepting the “with puck” penalties to speed, acceleration, and agility. Alongside the bug fix, we’ve also done some tuning changes to reduce the impact of what the original values were supposed to be.

The gameplay changes made will help address some of the key areas we’ve seen complaints about: backskating with the puck, wraparound goals, and “shovel shot”-style goals. These are the only gameplay changes made in Patch 1.55

For Tuner 1.04, you can view the details here.
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