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Eashl game not counting

Half the games we play on eashl don’t count. We play and it just sends us to finish game instead of showing progressions what can o do to fix it. It makes the game pointless.


  • EA Sports it's in the game :D
  • happens to us all the time. we have played almost 500 games as a club. ill bet we have lost 75-100 games to this point. its funny though, rarely happens when we loose. happens 95% of the time when we win. i know some of these are people glitching it out somehow.
  • Knappster11
    2 posts New member
    This happens to my club on a nightly basis. Out of 10 game, it probably happens 3-4 times. Almost always in OT. If the game goes to OT it almost never counts. It’s really frustrating. Giant waste of time. Crazy how this game has been out for almost a year, and EA hasn’t said diddly about it. It’s the worst part of EASHL
  • clausgamer
    8 posts New member
    Just played 5 "drop-in"-games. 3 of them did'nt count. EA...r u proud of NHL19 that is the biggest mistake u ever made. I'm getting sick touching your game. People of the world. If u r tired of being in a good mood. Go play NHL19. It will ruin your day. It's a waste of time. I so would like 2 use the F-word and S-word, so u (EA) can get my TRUE opinion of this terrible game. OMG, if i did'nt want customers in my shop. EA NHL19 is what i would sell. People would run away and not look back. That is exactly what is happening. U r done EA
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