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Can we talk weird penalty behavior?

Had some strange things happen me to me again lately and wouldn't mind some clarification.

Scenario A: I get a 2 minute minor and sit it the box for 1:30. At that point players A and B both commit 2 minute minors and now it's a 3v5 for 2 minutes. Both players get out 2 minutes later and I serve the final 30 seconds of my penalty. Why wasn't I out first and the 3rd offender forced to wait? My friends and I have noticed this happen to one of us at least a handful of times

Scenario B: This has happened to me twice that I remember. I'm in the offensive zone sitting in front of the crease as a net presence as a huge pwf or enf. AI comes and ties me up in front of the net. I let the tie up proceed because I have the size and strength advantage so my stick is still in good scoring position. 5-10 seconds later I'm sent to the box for fighting. No hits, no dropped gloves, no prompt etc.

As long as I'm on the topic, I understand that when a goalie commits a penalty in real life that somebody on the ice has to serve the minutes for him. But why is it always the RW in the NHL series? There isn't much I love more in this game than playing RW and sitting in the box for half the game because little Jonny in the net wont quit instigating and/or grabbing/taking the puck in the illegal areas.

There has been some other goofy stuff this year as far as who serves penalties for who or for seemingly no reason (not including sitting for a minor committed by a fighter) or for no disclosed time but I still cant track what has happened in those instances to be able to recreate or explain them.

Has anyone else dealt with these? Ben has anything changed from years past with penalty logic?

This is all from drop ins btw, the only time I can see enough penalties racked up quickly enough to cause the anomalies.


  • Um, last week a friend of mine got a 5 minute major for tripping.... Dunno how that works though.
  • Um, last week a friend of mine got a 5 minute major for tripping.... Dunno how that works though.

    Yeah I didn't mention another weird one because it happened once and I'm not sure why. I basically served a 15 minute penalty for fighting but nothing actually happened. It was the first period and once it ended I tried to figure out what went down. No penalties for either team, no pims for anybody. I just got put in the box to watch the ai lose my faceoffs for 15 minutes. By the time I got back in we were wondering if I was just going to finish with 3:00 toi.
  • This has been an ongoing issue for years.
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