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Pavel Bure?

Was wondering if a Pavel Bure card will be released? Would like to get the Russian Rocket!


  • not this year, if he does it will be unannounced or a big surprise
  • Just sayin would much rather have a Pavel Bure then a Markus Naslund, come on EA you're from Vancouver, you know you need a Bure.
  • We ( me definitely ) need Bure in HUT...…..Chucknorris knows that.
  • Bumped because it's still relevant, obviously I've wanted him since last year hence the topic, but again in 20 no Bure.... It's the only card I really want and you don't even have it, but so many plugs who weren't even relevant get cards.
  • Is he part of the Alumni Association? He was in NHL18 but he might not be available to EA now.

    For the record I'll take Markus but think Pettersson passes them both.
  • Bure was one of the fastest players to ever play in the NHL, hence the nickname Russian Rocket. They add Gino Odjick but not Bure.... Gino played on a line with Bure to protect him, so why add Gino but not his line mate...
  • Bump for a 3rd year :D
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