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Game not counting. Possibly intentional glitch?

Playing in HUT, winning 9-3 and the kid stops playing the last few minutes. Game ends, I notice the season progress is the same as my previous game so I decided to record myself leaving the game and the game not showing in recent games.

Apparently I can't post links but its a youtube video /s3ZRwsXqims

The part that caught my attention was I recognized the person's name from somewhere, so I went and checked standings. Sure enough he finished top 5 in the latest championship with a record of 19-0-1. Checking his recent games shows in the last 25 games he's 24-0-1, with the overtime loss being a disc. I highly doubt it was just a coincidence a game he lost didn't count, as quite frankly he wasn't very good. No offense to him.


  • Not saying this didn’t happen, but I have never had it happen to me.
  • [quote="walkingwounded65;c-2052851"]Not saying this didn’t happen, but I have never had it happen to me.[/quote]

    Its happened to me 2 or 3 times earlier this year. Likely random server error(s), no biggie, but it gave me the habit of watching if the season tab updates at the end of a game.

    Given the apparent recent issues with the servers following the lastest game patch, when I saw the player being 24-0-1 in recent competitive games (now 15-0 & 8-0 since the OP) it made me curious if this person found an exploit to stop a game from counting/registering.

    So I thought I’d share and see if anyone else has had something like this happen.
  • jrago73
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    Its been happening fairly regularly to my group in eashl drop ins for about 3 weeks now, both in games the other team quits or games that finish. I'd say 1/6 of the time and it doesn't matter if it's a win or loss.
  • Tried 2 drop ins before work today. Winning both games, game froze and got booted from the other. I guess the low population was too much to handle.
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