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NHL 20 CHEL NOTES - HUT Deep dive

Andrew Marks HUT Producer and Nicholas Shewchuk Live Content Producer discuss HUT in NHL 20.
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Trade deadline 2 season

Look at the top 100 sort by games played there is someone 13-11-2 yes that’s 26 games played in a max 25 games season. How does that happen.


  • Jetset95
    388 posts Member
    There seems to be a glitch if you do the right combination of actions in your last game you can play one more - not going to say what they are of course in case the whole world doesn't know how to to do it.

    Hope EA strike that last game from peoples records - especially if they are wins....
  • But if they strike the win do they take away the loss from the opponent he was playing because technically they shouldn’t have played him. Does the opponent get the game and contracts back?
  • Jetset95
    388 posts Member
    No that's not going to happen I imagine - Deep breath: EA can't predict all these kind of bugs and issues and glitches which come out and they don't have a crystal ball to see who that losing opponent would have played against and what the result would be - and then another to see who (if anyone) they played in their subsequent games and repeat the process because that person would have changed the future of all their opponents as well...
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