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Starting hut later

Hi guys I've been away for a few years but finally bought nhl 19 today so will be starting later today. Anyone got any tips on how to get started please. I used to be on here all the time a few years ago and used to do bets on games and loved it. Plan to get back into it again.
I think my name on here was whoareya if anyone is left from them days. Avalanche fan but not kept upto date for a few years, it's not on much over here in the UK.


  • martmet
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    I guess it depends what you want to do. Generally speaking, you need to complete your daily goals every day.
    It will be hard to compete online even against bad players but playing the online tournament minimum games will give you a bronze/silver pack at worst. Using the loan players online to help you win a few games in the early online seasons could help.

    Then trying to complete the progression objectives/challenges will give you some good cash along the way, and obviously finishing all the offline games available is a must.

    All that will give you enough cash to upgrade your entry cards, and be able to win more offline games and maybe start winning online games.

    If you log on enough and do your daily objective you will get monthly tokens and you should be able to complete the monthly sets toward getting the special player at the end, which is a legend 90+ and we'll know who this is for March later today in the news page in Hut.

    And this, all without spending any money on packs. But hey, that's your call.
  • Thanks buddy might spend 20 on some packs to get me started but that's great info appreciate it
  • Make sure to play the competitive seasons each week. You get free pack(s) at the end for just participating.

    Not all cards are equal. Before buying cards from the auction house, look through it a bit to get the sense of who to use. For example, there’s a reason players like Kopitar, Getzlaf, and Barzel are far cheaper than Stamkos, Hall, & Tarasenko, even though they’re all 85 overall.

    Also, make sure you do the 2-1 gold rare re-roll set as often as you can. You can usually buy a gold rare for 2k on the auction house, but it’s worth it once you get a good card(s). I’ve gotten a 95 iginal, a 91 Kopitar, a few 90s, 89, and probably 20+ cards 88-85 overall.
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