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Big delays in HUT (after migrating from p2p to server)

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Hello all, players of the east part of Russia have a lot of problems with HUT gaming. EA support said me, that it is my own (unicue) problem, but isn't true. In Khabarovsk i have 189 ms ping. Friend in Vladivostok - 189. In Magadan - 222, Sakhalin - 195.

Do we paid not anouf money to have server in Russia?


  • AlexZhgulev
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    edited March 2019
    +1, I'm not from Far East of Russia, but nearly 1000 km from Moscow to North East, i have ping 37.
    I know about guys who have ping 100+, a lot of guys.
    So it's not unique problem. Thousands players have same problem. Yep our country is biggest in the world, that's why we need our own dedicated servers.
    Please, try to hear us.
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  • Structuress
    1 posts New member
    Hello. I am from Omsk, Siberia, I also have a high ping of 100 ms. It's time to solve this problem.
  • I have similar problems. after switching the game to a separate server, it became impossible to play now my ping averages from 160 to 180 ms. I live in the far east of Russia in the city of Khabarovsk. Interest in the game is completely gone, playing with such a ping is not possible.
    And early I'm write this problem. But you don't watch
  • Vanilaks
    1 posts New member
    Get server in Russia or fix network code
  • KRASAVA1176
    2 posts New member
    Москва не далеко ушла, пинг 40-140🤦🏼‍♂️
  • Novokuznetzk ping 140mc ea ☦
  • BercutLive
    2 posts New member
    Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,Ping 190-200!!!!!Everyday!!!!!
  • Yeah, hello from Ekaterinburg 91-93 ms, this NHL last for me or give me superpower vs other players
  • temp45
    1 posts New member
    Arkhangelsk region 96 -110. Ping. impossible to play.
  • D-man0475
    1 posts New member
    MInsk 40-200
  • Fasteal
    1 posts New member
    I'm from Khabarovsk. In September, everything was fine. Ping, gameplay is good. But now the game can not be played. It's broken. Ping for 200. For what we pay that kind of money. Your game is worth the full price. We hope that you can do something.... I'm talk HUT
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The game is not fun, ping 40 (((....
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The game is not fun, ping 40 (((....

    O_o it should be 10 or 15, not higher.
    Меняй провайдера. У меня в Кирове 37 в среднем.
  • goooalman
    1 posts New member
    Sakhalin - 185
  • +1. Big input delay.

    It’s unplayable now.
  • Ega9_1992
    1 posts New member
    Ping 90-95
  • Казань 50-85
  • TigraAO
    1 posts New member
    Ping 180 ms. Vladivostok, Asian-Pacific region
  • Hello, i'm from Russia, Vladivostok.
    I have terrible ping - 165-180.
    I can't play!
    Every year i boght game maximal price.
  • Bureya68
    1 posts New member
    Good day

    Russia: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ekaterinburg - ping 160-180
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