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Big delays in HUT (after migrating from p2p to server)


  • OVI
    1 posts New member
    Moscow. Ping 25-40, but the delay in the game about 1-2 seconds. For two months only opponents from Finland and Sweden. Don't other people play your defective game? Rivals waving a hockey stick and no are deleted. Should I click on the "x" immediately sent to the penalty box. Washers fly through two three players through and a goal is scored. What is this? For this, we pre-ordered and paid money !!! Optimize the game for all countries. The game must be equal for all and fair play. Now the Scandinavian countries are doing great, and the rest are experiencing great difficulties. We do not need such hockey. If you do not fix it in the 20th part there will be few users
  • Lexspz
    1 posts New member
    Novosibirsk ping 90-110. Do something!!
    impossible to play!!
  • oldvm
    1 posts New member
    Hello, ping 100+ in Omsk, Siberia. This is awful game.
  • Saint-Petersburg, ping 55-75
  • Chelyabinsk ping 120((
  • Byrik
    1 posts New member
    Saint-Petersburg. Russia. Ping 85-90. Impossible to play.
  • Omsk. Russia. Ping is 90 - 100 ms
  • Papasid
    1 posts New member
    Novosibirsk. Russia. Ping is 75 - 85 ms.
  • Ekaterinburg 100, vy oklhueli?
  • ruezhik
    1 posts New member
    St Petersburg
    ping 90 ms
  • Arkhanq7507
    1 posts New member
    Surgut 64-90(((
  • Aartem161
    1 posts New member
    I live in Moscow. My ping is 70. It is very difficult to compete with players from Sweden or Finland, because they have low ping. Must be the same game conditions. Do something, otherwise it makes no sense to buy NHL 20.
  • 1488bin
    1 posts New member
    Severodvinsk. Russia. Ping 90, to play impossible
  • Church_Trilla
    3 posts New member
    edited March 2019
    Ekaterinburg 91ms first division in 20 seasons :/ feel bad everyday but play hard and don't cry , it's my last NHL ,better buy beer and play real hockey
  • Nicoltt
    1 posts New member
    Moscow region - ping 60. Hey, EA, why can't you make a server in Russia?
  • aridec
    1 posts New member
    Moscow, Russia, bad delay in HUT games , ping about 30-40ms. (Doesnt matter with who)
    Have good connect, until u launch the servers.
    Now its delay between switching players in def. Not good rly.
    Just fix ur old bugs, stop creating new ones.
  • dimarznchik
    1 posts New member
    Dear friends from the company of electronic arts, I ask you to hear and not leave the fans of the game NHL from Russia. Russia is a large northern country. And like any northern country, we love hockey a lot. But the lack of servers in Russia makes the game impossible. through the servers of other countries in online games a very big ping 100+ We are looking at the speed of players from other countries such as Finland and Sweden. From the entire Russian community of gamers who bought and loved your NHL19 project, please install servers in Russia for a comfortable game. I hope for your understanding to this problem.
  • darkreid77
    1 posts New member
    Hello. I am from Ufa, I also have a high ping of 50-100 ms. It's time to solve this problem.
  • Russia, Tyumen, Ping 60 - 90!
    Guys from EA, how come you busters deside how is stronger?
  • max_int_86
    1 posts New member
    Novosibirsk. Russia. Ping is 75 - 85 ms.
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