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Big delays in HUT (after migrating from p2p to server)


  • Good day to all, gentlemen from EA, we ask you to install a server in Russia, we understand that we are few and we are not interested in you, but there are mirror server technologies, fix the connection problem once and for all and the people will stop writing all the horrors that they write , correct the game code, remove the icetilt, handicap.... Chelyabinsk ping 63-73
  • > @Bogdan1993_rus said:
    > Russia, Magnitogorsk, ping 60-80ms
  • Hello. I am from Yekaterinburg, Russia, I also have a high ping of 100 ms. and above , it is very bad!!
  • After 4 pages, we would like to see some feedback from EA, how they are going to improve this situation and when this issue will be fixed.
    Devs, please help us to enjoy this game.
    1 posts New member
    Vladivostok, Russia. 188ms in Europe server, 280 in Usa. Where server in Asia??? For what we pay EA??? U didnt say that we will play on Europe servers when you sold us this piece of.... art
  • Cherepovets,Russia

    ping 90-110
  • Russia, Kurgan ping 70-100
  • Russia. Krasnodar ping 95-115
  • After upgrading and playing servers, it became impossible to Russia. Ping 130 -190 all slowly; shooters stupid; delay; bots are not at all clear what they do; solve the problem; we pay for that kind of money? Not only Finns and Europe is playing but also Russia, but buter kindly ispravte at the start, it’s normal now to play hut mode!!!😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Nekazettt
    1 posts New member
    Russia.Ufa ping 50-60
  • KRASAVA1176
    2 posts New member
    Play is not possible! Terrible delay 60-140 Ping! Return as was 2p2! Moscow.
  • Igor_Os_63
    1 posts New member
    Good day EA. I am an ardent fan of the NHL series. But over time, the game gets worse and worse. Constant delays, unmanaged players, make the game impossible. The average ping is 100. Please take action. In the Russian NHL community, more and more players refuse this series.
  • Ufahatab
    1 posts New member
    Ufa ping 60-150
  • dear developers, please fix the situation with the ping нхл19, Huth ping in the Urals in Russia is terrible, 100ms. impossible to play. I've been playing the NHL series since 2016 and since then I've been an ardent fan of the NHL. before the introduction of servers, I played for fun, bought a lot of packs, but now everything has become deplorable, the desire to play is gone. The delay is terrible, the bots do not react at all to my actions. Be lenient to Russia, please fix this horror in the hut.
  • BureRF
    2 posts New member
    I support, the problem is big, a huge part of Russia simply cannot play. This is the loss of potential game buyers. The number of hockey fans in our country is huge, and having an EA server in our country would greatly increase the sales of the game and increase its popularity among existing players.
  • Clement Kwong, all Russia playing in the NHL (hut mode) we ask you to make the game equivalent for each player, not the one who is closer to the server. I don't believe for one second you can only season ends, and if you won't affect ping in Russia, I think that next season you won't see us in the game. Return everything back as it was before January 8. do ban violent to those who did the breaks, but why should we because of such nechistyh people now suffer?
  • Sakhalin. Ping 200-280ms
  • Pahom9163
    1 posts New member
    Hello. I am from Magnitogorsk, Russia. I have a terrible ping 50-60 ms, so it is impossible to play. We need servers in Russia
  • Cherepovec(RUSSIA), in all provaider in my city ping 60+ thk for this game ea.....
  • group administrators or operators, though, would answer whether or not we something to wait for. After all, we do not just write to you here. we are waiting for a reasonable and competent answer from a specialist. Today I played and all the games merged just because of the huge delay. Why are you silent? any answer is a step towards us as consumers. Or are you waiting when we all just demand a refund for the game? We bought the game with a connection p2p, and now we get a distant server. Many would not have agreed to buy the game if they knew that there will be such a problem. So it turns out that you just spat in our direction decided that Finland and Sweden is more profitable to improve communication, and we should be happy with what we have.
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