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Need 3v3 EASHL

2 posts New member
Need a goalie and a player.
psn dewolfie9


  • Taco_Trav
    1 posts New member
    do you have a club already
  • dewolfie9
    2 posts New member
    yes wanna join?
  • O07Sniped
    3 posts New member
  • ReL0aDZz
    9 posts New member
    I have a 3 on 3 team here that’s on the rise. We are looking for a d man with potential to maybe move up front if need be. We would have to play a couple drop in games before we make a decision on whether it’s going to work or not. Our current record is 25-2-1 so we are fairly competitive.
    PSN: evanderkokane
    Be interested in combining?
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