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Playoff predictor sets done in 24 hours?

849 posts Member
Is this a mistake or do you think another round of players are coming next week?


  • I think next week TOTY should be starting, it’s usually mid March.
  • monz
    849 posts Member
    The second round of the PP comp season doesnt end till March 12th though. Seems strange to start round two the day before the sets end.
  • Didn’t notice that, that is strange.
  • Alafemma
    7 posts New member
    It looked so strange right from the beginning decided to skip a whole set
  • Alafemma
    7 posts New member
    and now they're evaluated even season is going on, how can be Lindell be 98 even it's nothing but clear Dallas is wild card team. I knew this was going to be stupid hahahaha
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