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Players stats in Franchise

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Can you please fix this for NHL 20, when you go in the players stats screen, It would be great to see the stats of players who played games in the NHL. Right now, if the player is sent down to the AHL, we don't see his stats in the NHL.

It would be nice, specially for pre-season games.

Also, with the actual CBA, players playing junior doesn't count in the 50 contract limit. In the game, the contract count.



  • There is more wrong. Player stats should be named by Team name not NHL or AHL. And of course not added together when played for different Teams during a season. In past issues it was like this.
  • Hey, I just bought NHL 20. I can't find anything about this anywhere. No one brings this up. Have you found any answers? I hate that you can't see the full list of players used throughout the year. Like, I like to see the guys that played 1 game or 5 games or whatever. I absolutely hate that they got rid of this. I would have thought this was just a constant that would never be changed. Anyways, let me know if you hear any answers for this.
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